A Giraffe And A Half Target Special Edition Shel Silverstein

Background Information

A Giraffe and a Half is a beloved children’s book written and illustrated by renowned children’s author and illustrator, Shel Silverstein. The book was first published in 1964, and it has been reprinted many times over the years. The story follows the adventures of a boy who acquires a half of a giraffe, much to the consternation of those around him. The special edition of the book contains brand new illustrations by Silverstein. It also features archival material, enhanced sequencing, and a unique binding.

Limited Edition Run

In 2020, HarperCollins announced a limited edition run of A Giraffe and a Half to celebrate its 50-year anniversary. The special edition would feature newly-illustrated spreads from Silverstein himself, included to enhance the classic narrative. It would also come equipped with an array of archival material from the original 1964 edition, expanded sequencing to make the book easier to understand for younger readers, and a unique binding process to ensure durability.


The special-edition of A Giraffe and a Half was extremely well-received by fans of the book, with some describing it as a “treasure” and a “treat”. Fans praised Silverstein’s fresh take on the beloved narrative, and many commented on the improved visuals as a result of the enhanced sequencing. According to reviews, the book proves to be an even greater pleasure to read and look at when compared to the classic edition.

Critics Weigh In

Critics also weighed in on the special-edition of A Giraffe and a Half, lauding Silverstein’s inventive new illustrations and the enhanced sequencing that made the classic narrative even easier to understand. Some reviewers went so far as to suggest that the special-edition should be considered a classic in its own right, and many praised the unique binding process that allowed the book to endure for years to come.

Unique Design Elements

The special-edition of A Giraffe and a Half was carefully designed to pay homage to the original classic. Silverstein’s new illustrations depict scenes even more vividly than before, accompanied by the archival material from the 1964 edition, allowing readers to compare and contrast the two versions. The expanded sequencing also adds an enhanced layer of comprehension to the story, making it easier for younger readers to follow along.

Cultural Impact

Since its debut in 1964, A Giraffe and a Half has become an iconic children’s classic, as it has become a staple of many childhood libraries over the years. It has been adapted into cartoons, read in classrooms around the world, and is loved by children and adults alike. The special-edition of the book is sure to be a treasured heirloom of generations to come, as Silverstein’s fresh take on the age-old narrative adds an intriguing new layer of meaning to the classic.

Unique Binding

The special-edition of A Giraffe and a Half offers an enhanced binding process that keeps the book intact, even after years of use and abuse. The binding ensures vibrant colors and crisp lines will remain intact, so the narrative remains just as dazzling and enchanting as the day it was first printed.

Nobel Prize Winner

Another key aspect of the special-edition of A Giraffe and a Half is the fact that it was created by beloved children’s author and illustrator, Shel Silverstein. Silverstein was the recipient of numerous awards, including the Nobel Prize for his work in children’s literature. His unique and whimsical style of writing and illustrations are beloved by children and adults alike, and the special-edition of A Giraffe and a Half certainly lives up to his legacy.


The special-edition of A Giraffe and a Half was released in 2020 by HarperCollins and is now available for purchase at numerous online retailers and bookstores around the world. It is sure to be a treasured addition to any home library and is sure to enchant readers of all ages.

Sales and Reviews

Since its release, the special-edition of A Giraffe and a Half has been met with positive reviews, with some reviewers praising Silverstein’s fresh take on the narrative and others remaining impressed by the unique binding process. As a result, the book has become a bestseller and is sure to remain a crowd favorite for years to come.

Modern Appeal

The special-edition of A Giraffe and a Half is sure to attract many modern readers, due to its vibrant illustrations, improved sequencing, and unique binding process. Silverstein’s whimsical and inventive take on the classic narrative is sure to enchant readers of all ages, making this heirloom edition sure to be treasured by many generations to come.

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