How Can I Get Maya Angelou Quarters

Aspiring to get your hands on a Maya Angelou commemorative quarter? Luckily for you, this process is relatively straightforward. That said, there are a few key steps to follow and important points to keep in mind in order to ensure that you have the best chance of finding the quarter you’re looking for.

Firstly, familiarize yourself with the Mint’s roll and bag release process. The U.S. Mint has a regularly-updated schedule of when sets of Angelou commemorative quarters are due to be released, as well as the number of coins that will be available in each shipment. Keeping an eye on this schedule can prove exceptionally useful to those looking to find one of the coins.

Identifying the right vendors to purchase from is also paramount. The Mint advises collectors to buy from reputable dealers in order to ensure they acquire genuine commemorative coins. Boutique coin dealers and gatherings, such as the American Numismatic Association Convention, are great places to find vendors with stellar reputations.

It’s also important to keep a budget in mind. Collecting coins can be an expensive undertaking and costs can quickly add up. Taking the time to figure out and stick to a budget beforehand is a wise approach and can help to avoid any post purchase remorse.

Finally, before buying a Maya Angelou commemorative quarter, you should also always keep in mind the three stages of coin authenticity. Hold the coin up to the light to check that the design is intact. Then, use a magnifying glass to examine the surface of the coin to make sure there’s no scuffing or scratches present. Lastly, compare the weight of the coin to the U.S. Mint’s specification for the specific type of quarter you are trying to buy.

Websites Selling Maya Angelou Coins

One significantly easier way to acquire a Maya Angelou commemorative quarter is to go down the route of purchasing it from an internet-based coin dealer. These dealers can offer a good range of coins, as well as giving you a great opportunity to compare prices. However, it is important to research the credibility of any website or store you intend to purchase from prior to buying the coin. Checking comments and reviews posted by previous customers of a coin dealer can give you a good indication of the level of service they offer.

Due to the global nature of the internet, coin dealers can come from almost any part of the world. That being said, be careful with whom you’re dealing. It is of the utmost importance to make sure the coin you buy is 100% genuine. Counterfeit coins remain a serious issue in the coin collecting world, so make sure you are aware of the key indicators that can indicate that it is not a legitimate coin. Additionally, make sure you get a certificate of authenticity to accompany the purchase of your Maya Angelou quarter. This will help to ensure that the coin is genuine and will increase its future re-sale value.

Furthermore, shop around and compare the prices between the sites in order to make sure you get a coin for the most competitive price on the market. To get the best out of these websites, why not take advantage of any special offers or discounts they may have?

Finally, always clarify any queries that you have with the dealer before you purchase the coin. Even if it is just to get some extra information to help make a more informed purchase decision.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Maya Angelou Commemorative Quarter

When looking to get your hands on a Maya Angelou quarter, it is more than likely that you will have plenty of questions swirling around your head. Before committing to the purchase of a coin, it pays to do some background research to make sure it is right for you. To help with this, here are a few frequently asked questions.

One of the most wondered about queries is ‘What does the quarter represent?’. The design for the Maya Angelou commemorative quarter shows the poet sitting and reading one of her published works, with a flower behind her symbolizing the love and care that she drew from her roots. The reverse of the coin features a diversity of words; this celebrates the way Angelou used language to empower, educate and bring communities together. Lastly, the quarter highlighting the beloved poet pays homage to her remarkable contributions to society.

What’s more, many individuals tend to wonder, ‘What is the face value of the coin?’ As with most commemorative coins, the Maya Angelou quarter is released at a face value of 25 cents. However, due to Angelou’s legacy and the rarity of the coin, its value can reach far higher than the 50 cent mark.

Last but not least, many people ask if the coin is actually legal tender. And, the answer is yes, the Maya Angelou commemorative quarter is, in fact, legal tender. That being said, due to the rarity and collectability of the coin, most people wouldn’t recommend spending it.

How to Grade and Store Maya Angelou Coins

Before long, you’ll have your hands on your Maya Angelou commemorative quarter. After an exhilarating hunt for the coin, the last step on your journey is to correctly grade and store the quarter. Doing this will help protect the coin and can even increase its value in some cases.

It’s essential to know how to grade the quarter so that you can identify the overall condition of the coin. The American Numismatic Association (ANA) has developed a scale ranging from ‘Excellent’ to ‘Poor’ which is often used to grade coins. Those looking to accurately grade their coins must do so by comparing the condition of the quarter to the one outlined in the ANA scale. Remember, grading the coin is the very first step to take before attempting to store it.

Once you have graded the coin, it’s time to store it for safekeeping. Storing coins properly is essential for protecting their condition. The best recommendation is always to store coins in the most suitable coin holders. Coin holders are usually either made from plastic or hardboard, both of which are specifically designed to protect your coin from dirt and dust while helping to prevent scratches too. It’s important to keep in mind that the right holder must fit your coin properly in order to be effective.

Furthermore, storing coins out of direct sunlight is also important. Doing this will make sure that the quarter retains its color and reduces the chances of damage due to sun exposure. Cleaning the coins is also advised due to the oils that can be transferred to them from the human hand. To clean the coins, use either a tissue or a microfibre cloth combined with a mild detergent solution.

Finally, it’s important to find a place to store them. It is wise to select a location that is a cool, low-humidity environment. Assigning a designated space for your coins should also help to prevent any potentially devastating mishaps, such as the coins being disturbed or misplaced.

Online Selling Platforms

In addition to buying a Maya Angelou commemorative quarter from a reputable supplier, individuals may also purchase coins for their own collection or for resale on an online platform. Online platforms provide a secure and efficient way of attaining coins and can also be a great way to supplement a collector’s income.

The best-known online selling platform is eBay. With a wide range of coins available, eBay remains the go-to online coin portal. That said, it remains the responsibility of the user to ensure the coins they purchase are of the highest quality before they commit to the purchase.

Another popular online selling platform is eBay’s rival, Amazon. Much like eBay, Amazon also offers a great array of coins for sale. However, it may be suggested that Amazon can offer a great range of coins for a relatively good price.

In affiliation with both of these sites, it is essential to remember that it is the seller who sets the prices of the coins. That being said, it never hurts to haggle and try get a better price on the coins you tend to favor.

Moreover, it’s also beneficial to know that the internet’s nature does not stop at just buying coins. There are plenty of places for collectors to meet and view coins with others, as well as discussing and becoming part of a collective. For example, Facebook offers several coin collecting groups that regularly post coins of all kinds, including the Maya Angelou Commemorative Quarter.

Finding and buying a Maya Angelou quarter is achievable.. All it takes is dedication, research, and understanding the market. With this knowledge, ambitious collectors can quickly find the coin they search for.

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