What Are The Elements Of Epic Poetry

Definition of Epic Poetry

Epic poetry is a form of storytelling that has existed for centuries and is considered one of the greatest literary achievements of all time. Epic poetry was traditionally composed orally, with many of these compositions being passed down through generations. Such poems are generally lengthy and elaborate, and focus on a single hero, often a legendary figure, who is heroic and noble. Epic poetry provides an engaging and dramatic exploration of many aspects of life, including war, heroism, morality, and cultural values.

Elements of Epic Poetry

There are several elements which define the genre of epic poetry. These elements are central to the epic structure and provide structure and guidance to the poem. The three main elements of epic poetry are the invocation of the muse, the hero’s journey and the epic similes.

Invocation of the Muse

The invocation of the muse is one of the most well known elements of epic poetry. The poet often invokes the power of a goddess or other supernatural beings to inspire him or her to write the poem. This is a common narrative technique used in many epic poems and serves to give the poem a greater sense of majesty and importance.

Hero’s Journey

A hero’s journey is an essential part of epic poetry. It is a narrative journey which follows a hero’s path from his home to his goal. It often includes various trials and tribulations that the hero must face and overcome before they can finally reach their goal. This story can often be used to shape moral and ethical principles and to provide insight into the character and values of the hero.

Epic Similes

Epic similes are an essential element of epic poetry and are used to add intricate detail and imagery to the poem. This type of simile is often quite elaborate and is used to compare two seemingly disparate things to one another. They are often used to emphasis the grandeur and grandiosity of the poem and its characters.

Themes of Epic Poetry

Epic poetry often revolves around themes of heroism and morality. Such poems often follow a heroic character as they are faced with a difficult quest and must overcome many obstacles in order to succeed. They often highlight the struggles of the human condition and can provide perspective on different aspects of life.

Style of Epic Poetry

Epic poetry is generally composed of long, elaborate sentences that are often repetitive and repetitive. Similes and metaphors are often used to add imagery and color to the poem and make the hero’s journey more vivid. Epic poetry often employs a mixture of prose and poetry in order to create its narrative.


Epic poetry is a form of storytelling that has been around for centuries and is still celebrated today. It is known for its grandeur and intricacy, as well as its focus on values and heroic journeys. Invocation of the muse, the hero’s journey and the use of epic similes are the three main elements which help to define the genre and make it a truly unique form of literature.

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