A Dreamer Is One Oscar Wilde

A dreamer is one who lets their imagination take flight, often allowing it to morph into fantastical forms and push the boundaries of reality. Oscar Wilde, the renowned Irish poet and playwright, is one of those dreamers. He lived a life of privilege, surrounded by art and culture, and had a keen appreciation for beauty and artisitic expression. Wilde was a man of great wit and influenced many with his profound and often controversial views on life. His philosophical and satirical works of literature, poetry and novels reveal a depth of emotion and passion which has inspired generations and continues to do so even today.

Most often, people are drawn to Wilde’s beliefs and views on life and the aesthetic philosophy that he instituted. He argued that art was not to be judged by any moral standard and viewed life purely as it aethetically appeared to him. He sought out beauty and art within life, embracing it and all its trappings, but at the same time he could offer lightheartedness to those around him. His values often contrasted the society he lived in, which could be cruel and unforgiving, yet Wilde persisted and maintained his independence.

Wilde strived for truth and he pursued justice with unwavering dedication. His was a life of blissful ignorance of the cruelties of life, and his dreams often rose above the everyday clutter and beauty. He refused to be bound by conventions and paved a new way for the world, an entirely new version of himself and his dream of freedom. His creative inspiration and insight has had a lasting impact on society and has allowed many to see their dreams, no matter how farfetched, as attainable.

Wilde’s life was fraught and vibrant, rife with exceptional highs and devastating lows. He was able to create beauty in the midst of a darkness, inspired by his wanton need for exploration and experimentation. Despite his moments of despair and heartache, Wilde continued to search for the positive in life and believed strongly in the power of the human spirit.

Oscar Wilde stands out as a dreamer, a courageous and daring individual whose belief in life, beauty and artistry set him apart. His profound works of literature and life experiences give us a snapshot of a time that he could never truly escape – but his example is something wild and wonderful, a testament to the capability of man when empowered with the ability to dream.


Oscar Wilde may be gone but his legacy lives on. He has left behind a vast collection of writing and essays which have inspired countless individuals over the years. Wilde’s works of literature remain timeless and offer insight into his remarkable views on life, beauty and justice. His philosophy has been noted for its insightfulness and has been celebrated by many generations.

Wilde’s writings can be seen in his notable plays, poetry and novels which feature complex characters, witty dialogue and a pool of vast ideas. His writings weren’t just whimsical musings but a direct reflection of his experiences and his unique way of seeing the world. His writing has been an inspiration to writers, artists and ordinary people all over the world, offering them a new perspective and a glimpse of Wilde’s life.

In spite of his criticism and suffering during his life, Wilde will forever be remembered for his courage and defiance. He broke with convention and carved a path for himself, no matter how narrow, fulfilling many people’s dreams and wishes. His words created an immortalized view of life and beauty, which will forever impact our world and our conceptions of artistry.


Oscar Wilde had a unique personality and charm which set him apart from many of his peers. He was an avid conversationalist and could talk at length on a wide range of topics, often sharing his profound views with friends, family and new acquaintances alike. Wilde’s passionate nature meant that he often spoke with a keen enthusiasm, something few could ignore. His witty responses and joyous expressions of life kept those around him captivated and admired.

Wilde’s creative nature often led to him pushing the boundaries and making difficult choices in order to achieve success. He was never afraid to throw caution to the wind and try something new, even if it meant putting himself in danger or going against what was accepted. Wilde viewed life through a unique lens and was determined to pursue his beliefs and passions, no matter the cost. He was an idealist and a seeker of truth and beauty, a passionate dreamer and a dispassionate seer.

Through his life, Wilde had the ability to find the silver lining even in the darkest of times. His resilience, determination and faith kept him going even in the face of hardship, often overcoming difficult situations to create a brighter and more beautiful reality. His courage and unwavering belief in himself and his dreams served as an example to many, who saw him as a hero and an individual of outstanding character.

Oscar Wilde’s personality is a testament to his life, his experience and his unique outlook on the world. He believed in himself and his dreams and refused to be held back by the conventions of society, a courageous and brave attitude which ultimately allowed him to achieve success, define a period and an era, and leave a lasting impression on the world.

Writing Style

Oscar Wilde had a distinct and lyrical writing style which often captivated the reader with its lushness and romance. He was a master at crafting a phrase and his cunning use of language and description could easily transport readers to distant lands of their own imagination. His writing was often full of metaphor and wit, cleverly constructed with cleverly chosen turns of phrases.

Wilde could paint a compelling picture with his words and often used this to convey complex themes and messages about life. His writing style was often poetic and perceptive, full of insight and understanding, which allowed readers to better comprehend his topics. Whether it was a novel or a play, Wilde could captivate readers by playing with the rhythm and metre of language, and often created stories with hidden meanings and subtle metaphors.

Wilde’s style of writing was often at odds with the conventions of the time, but this didn’t stop him from creating a vast array of works which is revered today. From his plays and novels to his collections of poems, Wilde was able to captivate with his stories and provide a unique look into the worlds he created. His writing style continues to influence many authors today, who attempt to emulate his creativity and depth of thought.

Oscar Wilde was a dreamer, a poet and a romantic of uncompromising courage and will. His writing style was innovative, unique and often carried the power of his convictions within the words. He has left behind a rich legacy of works which continue to captivate and enthral, never losing their spark and relevance over time.


Oscar Wilde was known for his lavish lifestyle, which often saw him at the centre of the British artistic circle. He was a famous bon vivant of the Victorian era, rubbing shoulders with members of high society, attending exclusive parties and social events, and living a life of excess and pleasure.

Wilde was often seen as eccentric, a contradiction in terms often. His behaviour was often considered outrageous, particularly by the standards of the time, and he often entertained with his signature wit and charm. He had a love of fashion and was rarely seen without his signature velvet suit, theatrical hat and cane. His love of art and culture was not just a passing fancy, but something deeply rooted and personal, and reflected his passion for literature, theatre and art.

Wilde was a risk taker who sought out pleasure and thrills. He was often in the papers, with gossip about his latest exploits and his lifestyle. His love of excess could often get him into problems and controversy, but this never stopped him from pursing his passion and creative ambitions.

In spite of his numerous scandals and indiscretions, Wilde was able to maintain a certain level of dignity throughout his life. He remained loyal to his friends and family, genererous and charitable, and had a deep respect for the arts and literature. His aspirations to exceed the given standards and conventions of the era saw him taking life as it came, driven by his desire to lead a full, ordinary and extraordinary life.

Oscar Wilde was a dreamer and a believer – of himself and of the beauty in life. His love of life was contagious, and his lifestyle was one of daring ambition and hedonistic pleasure. He was a true individual ahead of his time and a beacon of creativity and passion.

Dannah Hannah is an established poet and author who loves to write about the beauty and power of poetry. She has published several collections of her own works, as well as articles and reviews on poets she admires. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, with a specialization in poetics, from the University of Toronto. Hannah was also a panelist for the 2017 Futurepoem book Poetry + Social Justice, which aimed to bring attention to activism through poetry. She lives in Toronto, Canada, where she continues to write and explore the depths of poetry and its influence on our lives.

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