A Poulin Jr Poetry Prize

History of the Poulin Jr Poetry Prize

The Poulin Jr Poetry Prize is an annual literary award created to recognize the literary excellence of emerging Canadian poets. The award was first established in 1985 by philanthropist and businessman Andrew Poulin Jr. It is administered by the Canadian nonprofit organization, The League of Canadian Poets, which is dedicated to nurturing and fostering a vibrant and diverse community of contemporary poetic expression in Canada. The award is open to all Canadian residents aged 18 and under, who write poetry in English or French. Each year, five individual winners are chosen from among hundreds of entries by a jury of leading Canadian writers and critics. Winners receive a one-time monetary prize, as well as national recognition.

Criteria For Winning The Prize

The judging criteria for the annual Poulin Jr Poetry Prize are based on “the quality of the poem; its freshness, originality, and thoughtfulness; and the promise it demonstrates for its author’s future literary career.” The awards are judged by a rotating panel of three professional Canadian poets, chosen for their knowledge of and commitment to contemporary Canadian poetry. While not all of the writers who submit are likely to take home the prize, the chance to receive the award and the recognition that accompanies it is an important chance for emerging writers to showcase their work.

Prize Money and Benefits

The Poulin Jr Poetry Prize provides each of the five winners with a monetary award of $1,000 each. Additionally, all prize recipients benefit from the opportunity to network with editors, literary agents, and publishers at the award ceremony, which is held annually in Toronto, Canada. The award also offers an opportunity for the winners to receive widespread recognition and publicity.

Award Recipients & Submissions

Over the past two decades, the Poulin Jr Poetry Prize has seen a steady increase in applications, with an average of 2,000 submissions annually. The 2021 edition of the award has seen the highest-ever number of submissions with over 3,200 entries from all parts of Canada. When the winners are announced, their names are shared with the Canadian media and among Canadian literary organizations and communities. Winning poets have gone on to become some of Canada’s most renowned contemporary poets, including Jericho Brown, Anne Simpson, and Elee Kraljii Gardiner.

Public Engagement & Social Impact

In addition to awarding monetary prizes, the Poulin Jr Poetry Prize celebrates the work of young poets through its commitment to public engagement activities. Each year, the program offers a number of public readings and workshops dedicated to increasing public awareness of Canadian poetry and the works of emerging Canadian poets. These events are organized in cities and towns across Canada and are free to the public. The League of Canadian Poets has also established a number of community partnerships as part of the program, which have helped to bring Canadian poetry to a wider audience.

Resource for Young Canadian Writers

The Poulin Jr Poetry Prize is a valuable resource for young Canadian writers, providing them with an opportunity to receive recognition and exposure for their work, as well as access to publishing networks and other resources. By providing a platform for the celebration of new voices and innovative voices in Canadian poetry, the program has helped to nurture and grow a vibrant and diverse poetic community in Canada.

Creative Writing Workshops

In addition to awarding the annual prize, the Poulin Jr Poetry Prize project also offers a variety of free or low-cost creative writing workshops throughout the year, designed to support emerging writers. These workshops are given by established Canadian poets and are hosted at various locations across the country. The workshops are geared towards writers of all levels, from beginner to advanced, and offer valuable advice and guidance. These workshops provide an invaluable opportunity for young writers to hone their craft and receive feedback from experienced professionals.

Legacy of the Poulin Jr Poetry Prize

Since its inception in 1985, the Poulin Jr Poetry Prize has become one of the most prestigious awards for Canadian poets. The program has also become a major source of inspiration for young Canadian writers, as well as a platform for the celebration of new voices in Canadian poetry. Through the annual award, timely workshops, and public engagement activities, the program has left a lasting impact on the Canadian literature landscape.

Promotion & Visibility of Emerging Poets

The Poulin Jr Poetry Prize offers new and emerging poets the opportunity to be showcased in the national stage.Not only does this recognition bring attention to the poet’s work, it also provides visibility in the literary communities and promotion to agents, publishers, and editors. Thanks to the prize, young writers are given a platform to share their work, acquire readers, and form collaborations that may not have been possible otherwise.

Conclusion of the Poulin Jr. Poetry Prize

Since its inception, the Poulin Jr Poetry Prize has been a major source of recognition and support for emerging Canadian poets. The award’s commitment to public engagement and creative workshops has resulted in a lasting impact on the Canadian poetry landscape, providing a platform for the discovery and celebration of new voices. The monetary award and professional development opportunities provided by the program have helped to create a strong and vibrant Canadian literary community, and continue to promote the literary excellence of young Canadian poets.

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