Can You Hunt In Mark Twain National Forest

The Hunting Grounds

Mark Twain National Forest, located in Southeast Missouri, is the state’s only national forest. This 1.5 million-acre wooded area covers 29 counties and offers many recreational activities. The Forest is a haven for hunters and campers alike, and offers year-round activities to participate in. For those who want to hunt, Mark Twain National Forest offers some of the most diverse game in the entire United States.

Hunters are welcome in the Forest, but the state of Missouri requires that you have a valid hunting permit. This can be obtained from any state park office or other authorized locations. Permits are valid for either a single season or the entire year. You can also purchase a temporary permit from a participating vendor, which will grant you access to the hunting grounds for a limited time.

Once you have a permit and have chosen your location in the Forest, you are ready to begin hunting. The Forest is home to a variety of game including deer, elk, wild turkey, bobwhite quail, dove, rabbit and coyote. Mark Twain National Forest also offers some of the best small game hunting in the region. Depending on the season, you can find squirrels, woodchucks, and foxes.

While hunting the Forest, you must always follow the rules, regulations and signs posted by the US Forest Service. As long as you abide by the rules, your safety is guaranteed, and no danger or harm will befall you in the forest. These rules are meant to keep the animal population healthy and balanced, so please use common sense and respect when you hunt.

For those interested in hunting in Mark Twain National Forest, there are a few important tips to remember. First, always wear bright colors while hunting – orange or yellow – as this will help you stand out in the environment and reduce the risk of being mistaken for wildlife. Also, always leave the area as you find it and do not leave any of your belongings. Finally, be sure to check the regulations before hunting and be sure to get the required permits.

Seasons and Animal Restrictions

The US Forest Service sets the hunting season in Mark Twain National Forest for each species of game. Depending on the state and regulations, the season can start and end at different dates. In addition to the season, the US Forest Service also sets limits on the number of animals that can be taken from the Forest each season. It is important to check the regulations before visiting the Forest, as the number of animals allowed to be taken is different for each species.

Hunters should also be made aware of other restrictions, such as participation in the Special Regulation Areas. These areas have additional special rules and regulations that must be followed, and are designed to maintain healthy populations of certain species. Special Regulation Areas may require that hunters use non-toxic ammunition, or limit the use of certain hunting techniques. Again, it is important to check the regulations before visiting the Forest.

In summary, hunting in Mark Twain National Forest can be done safely and responsibly as long as the regulations are followed. The forest provides an abundance of game, and its landscape is perfect for the experienced hunter and even first-time hunters. For those who wish to hunt within the National Forest, it is essential to check regulations, obtain permits, and respect the boundaries set by the US Forest Service.

Safety Tips

Safety should always be the foremost consideration when hunting. This is especially true for hunters in Mark Twain National Forest as the terrain can be challenging. Safety tips include wearing bright colors, like orange or yellow, to reduce the chances of being mistaken for wildlife. Using high-quality binoculars and rangefinders can be a great help, especially for tracking and hunting game at a distance. Pay attention to wind directions and weather conditions, as these can affect your safety.

Furthermore, always maintain a safe distance from other hunter camps and never shoot in the direction of other people. Learn the rules and regulations of hunting and make sure to stay within the limits of the Forest Service. If you are unsure of something, consult a ranger or other experienced hunter. Finally, always go hunting with at least one other person – it could save your life if the need arises.

Hunting Rules and Regulations

All hunters in Mark Twain National Forest must abide by Missouri hunters standards, which includes carrying a valid hunting permit. In accordance with this, the Forest also has specific rules and regulations for hunters. These rules vary between counties and states, and must be followed. It is important to obtain the regulations from a state park office or other authorized locations before hunting.

The US Forest Service outlines regulations for all hunting methods such as firearms, archery or trapping. The regulations provide guidance for hunters on safe use of firearms and equipment, as well as restrictions on hunting locations, animal types and harvesting methods. Violating the rules and regulations can have serious consequences and result in legal sanctions.

Permits and Licensing

All hunters in Mark Twain National Forest must obtain a permit before they can begin hunting. The permit will allow you to hunt in specific areas and will be valid for either a single season or the entire year. Unfortunately, permits can be expensive and can also require additional paperwork. It is important to be aware of the regulations and requirements before applying for a permit.

In addition to a permit, some states require hunters to obtain a license before they can hunt. Licenses can be obtained from any state park office or other authorized locations and are only valid for one year. Furthermore, some states have restrictions such as the minimum age for hunters and limitation in the type of weapons allowed. It is important to check the regulations before hunting so you can abide by the requirements.


In conclusion, hunting in Mark Twain National Forest can be an incredible experience. It is important to take safety precautions and follow the laws, regulations and rules set by the US Forest Service. Furthermore, obtaining a valid hunting permit and license is essential before you can hunt. With thoughtful planning and common sense, hunters can enjoy the beauty and bounty of Mark Twain National Forest responsibly and safely.

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