How Does Maya Angelou Inspire Others

Maya Angelou is one of the most influential individuals of our time. Through her works, activism, writings and speeches, she has motivated, inspired and enlightened millions around the globe. Her resounding and gentle message of acceptance, courage, empathy, kindness and understanding has been heard throughout the years and has touched and shaped the lives of many. Angelou’s wisdom resonates through her works, and has had an enormous impact on individuals around the world.

Angelou has inspired a wave of positivity, acceptance and self-love amongst people of all races, genders and backgrounds. She encourages people to recognize and honor the beauty, strength and potential within themselves, despite the varied and unique situations they may be dealing with. Angelou’s presence can be felt both in our homes and in public spaces, often creating an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding. She stands as a role model and believed that one can overcome any oppression and barriers, if they are willing to work hard and be persistent.

Angelou also inspired others to stay hopeful and strive for a better future. She focused on the power of education and self-improvement. She stressed the importance of knowledge, and advocated for having a comprehensive understanding of oneself, in order to further grow and develop. Her expansive view on education encouraged others to set goals, strive for success and never give up. Angelou’s works challenged those around her to make something of themselves and strive for greatness, despite trying times.

Angelou’s legacy of courage and perseverance continues to live strong today, impacting a diverse population of individuals. Her willingness to step forward and advocate for social change, speaks volumes to the amount of courage, strength and resilience she possessed. Through her words and deeds, Angelou extended a hand to those seeking guidance and encouragement. Her uplifting presence has allowed her life to resonate amongst many, sparking the drive and dedication needed to forge ahead and create a better future.

Angelou’s life and works demonstrate the power of the written word, imagination and creativity. Her books, essays and poems are rich with messages of courage and hope for individuals to carry on, and not to be afraid in the face of adversity. Angelou’s words provided a space for readers to be heard and to step in, become involved and make a difference. Through her commitment to social change, her works paved the way for the next generation of advocates, artists and activists to continue fighting for justice and inclusivity.

Angelou has impacted millions throughout her lifetime, showing the importance of compassion for others, regardless of race or gender. She believed in a world of peace, equality and justice for all individuals, and strived to achieve that through her own life and works. Angelou is a trailblazer who will forever inspire generations to come, reminding us all that we are capable of so much more, if we are willing to try.


Angelou is a renowned figure and has achieved numerous awards throughout her lifetime, including: a Pulitzer Prize nomination, three Grammy Awards and a Presidental Medal of Freedom, presented to her by President Barack Obama. Her timeless works and contributions have been recognized by the international community, earning her the respect of many admirers. Her accomplishments and recognition from peers, have placed Angelou as one of the most influential individuals of our time.

Means of Inspiration

Angelou has provided many individuals with a means of inspiration and requires no introduction. Her works have been translated into many languages and have been read by people around the world. Her inspirational messages consistently echo strength, courage and self-love, providing comfort or understanding during times of difficulty. Her voice is heard through powerful works of literature which allow readers to dive in, feel understood and rise above the noise.

Call to Action

Inspired by Angelou’s works, many individuals have taken steps to create positive change. Angelou’s works and activism have helped to shape policies, ideas and societies. Her words provided a means of creating meaningful dialogue, bringing relevant issues to the forefront of discussions. She called for participation, motivating others to take action and stand up for what is right. Her call for social justice continues to motivate millions, fifty years after her first works were published.


Angelou’s legacy continues to live strong, through her works, her fight for social justice, her calls for inclusivity and understanding. Her words and advocacy have remained a source of inspiration to individuals throughout the world. Angelou leaves a lasting impression, encouraging us to remain positive and unafraid in the face of adversity. Her courage and determination, have motivated generations and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Dannah Hannah is an established poet and author who loves to write about the beauty and power of poetry. She has published several collections of her own works, as well as articles and reviews on poets she admires. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, with a specialization in poetics, from the University of Toronto. Hannah was also a panelist for the 2017 Futurepoem book Poetry + Social Justice, which aimed to bring attention to activism through poetry. She lives in Toronto, Canada, where she continues to write and explore the depths of poetry and its influence on our lives.

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