How Many Siblings Did Robert Frost Have

Robert Frost had three siblings: two sisters and one brother. His sisters, Jeanie Florence, and Lillian May, were born slightly before him; his brother, Carl August, was born three years later. All three of his siblings were born in San Francisco, California; Frost himself was born in San José.
Frost’s sister Jeanie Florence was born in 1880. She was the eldest of the siblings and passed away in 1920 in San Francisco. Frost’s sister Lillian May was also born in 1880, two months after her older sister. She survived her famous brother, passing away in 1928 in Los Angeles.
Frost’s brother Carl August was born in 1883 in San Francisco. He survived Jeanie and Lillian, passing away in 1967 in San Francisco.
Aside from his three siblings, Frost also had four half-siblings from his father’s first marriage, who did not have any contact with Frost. His father’s first children, half-brothers Henry J., George Edwards, and sisters, Lidia and Johanna, were all born in Canada before his father moved to San Francisco.

Familial Relations

Robert Frost’s siblings were all close together in age, with the youngest being a few years older than him. This, combined with their shared family ties, contributed to their very close, tight-knit relationship. Frost himself spoke fondly of his siblings, and often talked about their shared memories in his poetry.
Throughout his life, Frost had a close relationship with his two sisters. He often wrote poems about them, most notably “The Two Tramps” which details a memory he had with his two sisters when he was a child. He also dedicated his first book of poems, “A Boy’s Will”, to Jeanie and Lillian.
Frost spent less time with his brother Carl due to the latter’s long-term struggle with tuberculosis. Despite this, the two still had a mutual respect and cared deeply for each other.

Influence on Robert Frost

Frost’s siblings had a great impact on his creative genius and literary works. His sister Jeannie was the first person interested in and supportive of Frost’s poetry. Lillian, on the other hand, provided an endless source of inspiration for her brother’s writing, described and referenced in several of his works.
Frost’s brother Carl also had an influence on his work. Abraham Salazar, one of Frost’s closest friends and also his editor and editor’s son, noted Carl’s influence on Frost’s writing. He said that Carl encouraged Frost to pursue his writing goals, and that he was the one who bought Frost his first notebooks.

Relationship With Parents

Robert Frost had a strong relationship with both his parents, particularly his mother. His mother, Isabelle, was a very pious woman and provided Frost with a strong moral and spiritual foundation. She taught him about moral values, nature, and the importance of family.
Frost’s father, William, was a school teacher who had a passion for literature and loved to share that passion with his children. He would often read to them from famous works such as the Bible, Shakespeare, and Milton. He also taught young Robert about the works of other classic poets.
Frost’s father supported him in his decision to pursue writing and was known to encourage the young Robert in his creative endeavors. Frost himself said that his father was the one who gave him the motivation and courage to pursue his writing.

Robert Frost’s Impact on Siblings

Robert Frost’s siblings also shared his literary love. Eileen Koselick, Frost’s grand niece, said that all three of Frost’s siblings also wrote poems and enjoyed reading classic literature. Frost’s brother Carl even wrote a number of poems.
Frost’s writing had a major influence on his siblings. Carl was inspired by his older brother’s writing into crafting his own poems. His sisters Jeanie and Lillian found the inspiration they needed to write in their brother’s works.
Frost’s siblings were very proud of his works and encouraged him to keep writing. He often shared his works with them and used their feedback to improve his writing.


Robert Frost’s siblings were also well-accomplished individuals in their own right. His sister Jeanie Florence was a noted philanthropist, often assisting the less fortunate in San Francisco.
His sister Lillian May, also a noted philanthropist, was dedicated to helping children in need and was involved with many organizations that supported young kids in finding a better future. She was also well known for her charitable works in Los Angeles.
Frost’s brother Carl was a business owner in San Francisco. He was an owner of the famous August & Abbott clothiers and was known for his creative and innovative ideas in the industry.

Impact on Their Ancestors

Robert Frost’s siblings had a major impact on their ancestors and future generations. Carl was widely known for his success in business and passed on his knowledge to future generations. His siblings adhered to high moral standards and were highly charitable which impacted their future generations.
Frost’s siblings were all very successful in their endeavors and used the skills and knowledge they gained to help those in need and to be successful businesspeople. They often shared their wisdom and knowledge with their offspring and helped foster a culture of success and philanthropy. They have left a legacy that will endure long after they have passed.
Frost himself spoke fondly of his siblings and often wrote of them in his poetry. He credited them with helping him to become the writer he is today and often thanked them for their encouragement and shared memories. His siblings have touched the lives of many, and their impact will be felt for generations to come.

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