How Much Does The New Yorker Pay For Poetry


Many literary magazines offer several different ways for poets to get their work published.Payment for poetry is not as common as for short stories, but some magazines do offer a fee for published pieces.The New Yorker, a renowned literary magazine, is a popular choice for poets who want to be published in a well-known publication.Unfortunately, the pay for poetry, or payment an individual poet can receive, is minimal.


The New Yorker is a weekly magazine that publishes current events, politics, art and culture, book reviews, cartoons and, of course, fiction and poetry.The magazine is printed all over the world, and many of its features have become cultural icons.Contributing to The New Yorker is highly competitive, and the magazine accepts very few published pieces due to the sheer number of submissions.


It is hard to get into The New Yorker, but those who are accepted are paid for their efforts.However, for the most part, the payment for poetry does not measure up in comparison to the magazine’s payment for longer works such as short stories, essays, and articles.This is due to the competitive level of submitting, as well as the fact that the market for poetry is far smaller than any other type of literature.


The payment for poetry in The New Yorker is relatively low.Typically, poets who are accepted by the magazine can expect to receive around $100 for a poem.This is a very small sum, especially when compared to the payouts of other literary magazines, which generally range anywhere from $50 to $500 for a published poem.This amount may be disappointing to some poets, but it is important to remember that there is prestige in being published in The New Yorker and that the publication itself requires significant effort from the poet.

Preparation & Promotion

Before submitting to The New Yorker, or any other literary magazine for that matter, it is important to do some research on the specific guidelines for submitting, as well as the payment policies.It is also important to prepare your work with the utmost care, as the standards for publishing in these magazines are very high.Once your poem is submitted, it is also important to promote it.You could do this by talking to editors and other writers, as well as by getting involved on social media.

Pros & Cons

The main benefit of submitting to The New Yorker is the potential prestige associated with being accepted and published.However, it is important to remember that the pay for poetry, while prestigious, is relatively small.When deciding whether or not to submit to The New Yorker, or any other literary magazine, it is important to weigh the pros and cons and consider your personal goals as a writer.It is also important to remember that any type of payment is a step in the right direction, even if it is small.


Although the payment for poetry in The New Yorker may not be as large as one may hope for, there are still several rewards associated with being published in the magazine.For one, being accepted and published can be a great source of pride and can boost the writer’s confidence.It can also lead to more opportunities, such as potential writing gigs, book deals, and more.As a result, it is important to weigh the potential rewards of submitting to The New Yorker against the potential payment.

Alternative Options

While The New Yorker may not be the best option for those looking for a large payment for their poetry, there are other magazines that offer more generous compensation.One such magazine is the Kenyon Review, which pays a minimum of $200 for a published poem.Other magazines worth looking into include the Massachusetts Review, Poetry, and Prairie Schooner.It is important to do your research and weigh your options carefully before submitting to any publication.

Finding Success

Ultimately, the key to success as a poet is to find the right publication for your work.This may not always be The New Yorker, and the payment for poetry may not be as large as you would like it to be.It is important to remember that there are still other publications that offer much higher payments and that you should take the time to research and weigh your options.No matter what you decide, make sure that you take pride in your work and remember that any payment you receive is an accomplishment.

Impact & Significance

The payment for poetry in The New Yorker may be small, but being published in the magazine is still a significant accomplishment.For some poets, the prestige associated with being published in the magazine is enough to make up for the small payment.For others, the potential book deals, writing gigs, and other opportunities offered by the magazine may make submitting to The New Yorker worth their while.

Incentive & Motivation

Regardless of the payment for poetry in The New Yorker, it is important for poets to remember why they are writing in the first place.Writing should be a source of joy and satisfaction, and any payment should be seen as a bonus.It is important to keep in mind that other literary magazines may offer higher payments, and that there are other ways for poets to get their work out there.It is also important to remember that you are always in competition with yourself, and that the only goal is to improve and create better work.

Networking & Collaboration

It is important for poets to network with other writers, agents, and publishers to increase their chances of getting published. This can be done through attending literary events, joining writing circles, or collaborating with other poets.By networking, poets can build relationships that could lead to submitting to different publications, getting their work out into the world, and most importantly, getting paid..

Marketing & Distribution

Marketing your work is one of the most important aspects of getting it out into the world.This can be done through utilizing social media, creating a website, or simply talking to other writers, editors, and publishers.It is also important to find a way to distribute your work; this could be done through self-publishing, submitting to literary magazines, or finding a publisher.No matter what you decide, it is important to find a way to get your work out there in order for it to be seen by potential readers.

Technology & Platforms

The digital age and new technology have opened up new ways for poets to get their work out there.Poets can use various platforms and websites to showcase their work and even monetize it, such as Patreon and Ko-Fi.These platforms allow poets to reach a wider audience, but it is important to remember that this does not guarantee a large payment for poetry.It is still important to do research and find other ways to market your work.

Sharing & Engagement

It is also important for poets to engage with their readers to build relationships and gain recognition.Sharing your work on social media platforms is a great way to get your work seen, as well as to connect with potential readers.Commenting on other poets’ work is another way to gain recognition and to build relationships, as well as to find potential writing opportunities and potentially increase your payment for poetry.

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