How Much Is A 2022 Maya Angelou Quarter Worth

The much-anticipated release of the 2022 Maya Angelou Commemorative quarter is quickly approaching. For those unfamiliar with this piece of currency, the coin is made of .900 fine silver, and will feature a portrait of the esteemed author, poet, and human rights activist on the obverse, and a prancing horse on the reverse. Collectors of commemorative coins may be wondering what the coin is going to be worth. What is the value of a 2022 Maya Angelou quarter?

The worth of a 2022 Maya Angelou quarter will depend on several factors, including the number of coins minted, their rarity, and the current prices of similar coins. Minting of the coin started on February 16, 2021 and will end in August, 2022. The coins will be sold primarily in sets, with each set containing four coins – two uncirculated and two proof versions – and a special presentation box.

The set will initially cost $49.95, which is slightly higher than the current market price of similar coins, such as the 2020 Apollo 11 50th Anniversary half-dollar, which cost $42.95. However, minting of the 2022 Maya Angelou quarter is expected to be much lower than other commemorative coins – as only 2.9 million coins will be minted, compared to the 10.5 million for the Apollo 11 coin. This rarity can lead to an increase in value for the coins.

Furthermore, the coins have been receiving considerable attention from the media and hobbyists, who have been eagerly anticipating their release. While this attention unfortunately drives up the prices of some coins, it also creates demand which, in turn, drives up the value of coins. As the demand for the coins grows, so does their worth.

Finally, the condition of the coin is also important when it comes to determining its value. Coins in uncirculated condition are worth considerably more than those that have been circulated. The same goes for proof coins. However, due to the higher prices of the 2022 Maya Angelou coins, it is likely that there won’t be many of them in circulation. As such, it is possible that the coins will be worth more than their face value in the future.


Collecting coins, especially those of historical significance, is an enjoyable pursuit, and numismatics provide insights into the past. The 2022 Maya Angelou commemorative quarter is a unique piece that captures the achievements of one of history’s great civil rights activists. As such, the coin is also of interest to coin collectors and numismatists alike.

When it comes to collecting coins, many collectors seek out coins that are rare or hard to find. Commemorative coins such as the 2022 Maya Angelou quarter often appreciate in value due to their rarity, especially if they are of good condition. As such, collecting the coins can be a worthwhile investment, especially if the condition of the coin is impeccable.

Furthermore, with the low number of coins minted, it is likely that the coins will retain their value over time. As such, the coins can be collected as an investment, or simply appreciated for their historical value. It is also worth noting that the coins are also of sentimental significance, being a tribute to the legacy of Maya Angelou.

Finally, for those looking to buy a coin, it is important to ensure that the coin is authentic. This means that it should have a hologram, as well as the markings of the mint. It is also important to keep the coin in its original packaging, as this will help to retain its value.

Releasing Date

The 2022 Maya Angelou commemorative quarter is expected to be released on the 16th of February 2021. This is when the United States Mint will begin minting the coin, which will then be mass-distributed. It is important to note that the coins will only be available while supplies last, meaning they may not be available to purchase once they hit the market.

The coins will be released in two versions: Uncirculated and Proof. The Uncirculated coins will be the standard coins that are shipped from the Mint, while the Proof coins will be those intended for collectors. The Uncirculated coins will be sold in individual sets, which will come with a special presentation box and will cost $49.95. The Proof coins will be sold in sets of four, with each set also coming with its own presentation box, and will cost $89.95.

It is important to note that the price of these sets may change over time. Furthermore, the coins will only be available for a limited time, as the coins will be minted until August 2022. As such, it is recommended to purchase coins soon after their release, as they may become harder to obtain as they get more rare.

Other Coin Collections

Collecting coins is a popular hobby amongst collectors, with many collecting coins as a form of investment. Furthermore, many coins have become particularly popular amongst collectors, due to their cultural significance or aesthetics. As such, collectors may be interested in other notable coins, such as the 2020 Apollo 11 50th Anniversary half-dollar, the 2021 March on Washington commemorative dollar, and the 1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle gold coin.

The Apollo 11 and March on Washington coins are commemorative coins, much like the 2022 Maya Angelou quarter. The Apollo 11 coin is a silver half-dollar, and will have an image of the spacecraft and the astronauts on the obverse, and the Eagle landing on the reverse. The March on Washington dollar will have a depiction of a crowd gathering at the Lincoln Memorial on the obverse, and a standing figure of Dr. King on the reverse.

The 1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle gold coins are amongst the most sought-after coins in the world. This coin has a face value of $20 and is made of gold. It is worth noting that the original 1933 coins are extremely rare and are highly sought after by collectors.

Thus, for those looking to expand their coin collections, these coins are worth considering. All are of high value and will make a great addition to any collection.

Grading and Certification

When collecting coins, it is important to make sure that they are authentic. This means grading and certifying coins, which is a process that involves examining coins in order to assess their condition and authenticity. Coins can be graded by a third-party grading company or by collectors themselves.

Coins that are determined to be authentic are then sealed in a plastic holder and have a grade assigned to them. Grade is determined based on a variety of factors, including strike, luster, surface quality, and eye appeal. The most common grading scales for coins are the Sheldon numeric scale, which ranges from 1 to 70, and the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) scale, which ranges from 1 to 70.

The grade of a coin can greatly affect its value and, as such, it is important to get coins certified by a trusted third-party grading company. This will ensure that the coins are authentic and of a suitable grade. Furthermore, coins that have been graded and certified are much more likely to fetch higher prices and be more sought after than those that are not.

In conclusion, the 2022 Maya Angelou Commemorative quarter is a rare and remarkable piece of currency. As such, its value is likely to go up in the future and it is an excellent choice for those looking to invest in coins. Furthermore, other coins of cultural or historical significance are also worth considering for those wanting to diversify their collection. Finally, it is important to ensure that coins are authentic and have been graded and certified, as this will ensure their value and will help to achieve a higher price when they are sold.

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