How Tall Is Mark Twain

Early Life

Samuel Clemens, later better known as Mark Twain, was born on 30th November 1835. Precise height records of young children did not exist then, nor at any time during Twain’s lifetime. We know that he enjoyed playing ball games and sports in general during his childhood, but without any scientific data to compare height records, the exact level of his physical development was gathered from impressions by those around him – or Twain himself!
In 1895, Twain wrote his memoir, Life on the Mississippi, in which he refers to himself as “a very small creature”. This suggests that he was short in stature in his youth, however, there is no concrete evidence of this, even at the time he wrote the memoir. During his time in the army he was known for his agile body, which hints to a greater than average physical capacity, however again, there are no records of his exact height.

Twain’s Mature Years

Often Twain is equated with the archetypal American tall-tale character, the larger than life, engaging showman. This is partly due to the way his much-loved stories had you laughing out loud, and was compounded by famed pictures of him sporting a spectacular handlebar mustache, considerable height and breadth and stylish white suit.
What we can be sure of is that he was a healthy man, and was of greater than average weight. We can say with confidence that in his adult life his height was greater than that of the average man of his era. During his later travels he was often described as imposing, and was often seen in a towering stance atop street corners, engrossed in conversation. However, the hallowed height gap of a foot-and-a-half difference that can often be seen in many posthumous depictions of him cannot be backed up by factual history.

Other Resources

Other resources suggest that his height was about 5-feet-9-inches, which correlates with descriptions of him by others throughout his adult life. However, when we consider the fact that the average height of a male at the time was 5-feet-7-inches we find that there is roughly only a two-inch not a foot-and-a-half difference to back up accounts of Twain as a towering figure.
No matter how much height Twain had, what is certain is the effect his stature had on those around him. Twain was an exceptionally captivating man with a great wit and talent for entertaining. His height aside, it is his immense presence, physical and mental, that has down-the-ages endured as his iconic symbol.

The Psychological Impact

Twain was an infamous teller of tall tales and he was often known for his engaging presence and captivating stories. It is likely that the way others perceived him when he was in full flight with his stories was a contributing factor to his increasing stature.
Twain was the ultimate showman, and the importance of a showman’s presence was never lost on him. It was an art he delighted in, and his mesmerizing performances likely left a lasting impression on his audience.
A desire for fame and acceptance have been credited as vital elements driving people towards success, and this was particularly true for Twain. Width and breadth beyond the average man, a skillful showman’s wit and a compelling physical presence were the essential ingredients of Twain’s spellbinding personality.

Medical Analysis

From a physiological point of view, Twain was a healthy person. He was said to move lightly and quickly, which suggests that he had good muscular integrity and a light body weight. As a younger man he enjoyed sports, and his ability to move with agility and swiftness is something to take into consideration when looking at Twain as a tall man.
While Twain was a healthy individual, typical of his era, we cannot be certain of any exact measurement related to his height. In addition, due to the passage of time and the change in height measurements that have occurred since his death, it is highly likely that any record of his exact height is now lost forever.

Twain’s Legacy

Twain was known to many during his life as an imposing figure. His stature was matched by his ability to captivate an audience and his eloquent phrasing – something which could not be measured in direct height records.
Twain’s legacy is indelible, and his books and stories are still very popular today. While we may never know his exact height, what is clear is that Twain was taller than the average man of his generation in both physical stature and formidable personality.

Appearances in Art and Performance

Twain was often portrayed in both art and performance, including on the silver screen. A notable example is the Walt Disney film adaptation of the short story, The Adventures of Mark Twain, which was released in 1944. The caricature of Twain in the film was portrayed as a tall, robust man, with a distinct presence, although we do not know if it was a true-to-life representation or a stylistic construct.
Twain also appears in performance art. A 1990 Broadway musical, Big River, which tells the story of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, is a popular performance that depicts Twain as a tall and imposing figure, a far departure from descriptions of him as a “very small creature”.

Statues, Memorials and Tributes

Many statues, memorials and tributes have been created in honor of Twain, and the majority of these depict him as a tall and imposing figure.
We can see a good example of this in a large bronze statue of Twain situated in Hartford, Connecticut. The sculpture, completed in 1994 by American artist/sculptor Karl Lansing, was unveiled to commemorate the site of Twain’s first home, where he wrote some of his earliest works, including The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.
Twain’s legacy is confirmed in the city’s various tributes, such as the Mark Twain Memorial Bridge, the commissioned 18-inch statuettes and the larger than life bronze statue. All of these tributes depict Twain as a tall and imposing figure.


The exact height of Twain is unknown, mainly due to the lack of available records during his lifetime. But despite this lack of scientific evidence, we can say with assurance that he was a healthy man and of greater than average weight. By looking at his reputation and contributions to society, it is highly likely that he was taller than the average man of his time.
In addition, images of statues, memorials and other tributes tend to show Twain as a tall and imposing figure. It is these representations that endure in culture today, and even though we can never be sure of how tall Mark Twain was in life, his legacy is taller than ever.

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