How To Get Into Poetry Reddit

Rhetoric and Poetry in Reddit

Poetry has been around for thousands of years, but with the advent of the internet, it has found a new home, one with a new and rapidly growing audience — Reddit. Reddit, the hugely popular discussion website, has a large and highly active poetry community, one where users can share, discuss and learn about new poets, styles and techniques.
But for the novice poet, Reddit can seem daunting and overwhelming. Poetry on Reddit includes everything from obscure and experimental styles to thoughtful discussion about the craft itself. So how does one get started in the poetry-verse of Reddit?

Finding Subreddits: Start With the Basics

The first step is to find a subreddit dedicated to poetry. Reddit has hundreds of subreddits, making it easy to find one that fits your interests. Start by browsing Reddit’s directory of poetry subreddits, which offers an easily navigable list of different poetry-related subreddits.

Engaging in Online Discussions

Once you’ve found a subreddit where you’d like to engage, take some time to read through the threads and get a sense of the community. Familiarize yourself with the posting rules, as each subreddit has its own specific rules and norms. Once you’re comfortable with the community, start posting!
When posting, be sure to remember the Reddit etiquette. Be courteous, respectful and polite in your comment; this is especially important when responding to other users’ posts. If you find yourself disagreeing with someone, stay focused on the conversation and avoid personal attacks.

Getting Involved in Poetry Competitions

Participating in poetry competitions can be a great way to gain exposure and hone your craft. Many poetry subreddits host weekly, monthly or even daily competitions, with prizes ranging from small tokens of appreciation to royalties and other opportunities. Participating in competitions can be an invaluable way to get feedback and use it to develop your skills.

Understanding the Lingo

One of the most challenging aspects of Reddit can be understanding the lingo. Reddit users use shorthand and abbreviations such as “OP” (Original Poster) and “TL;DR” (Too Long; Didn’t Read). The more familiar you become with the language, the easier it will be to navigate Reddit and find what you’re looking for.

Take Time to Explore

Reddit can be a powerful tool to help you grow as a poet. Don’t be afraid to take some time to explore different subreddits and find one that works for you. Take advantage of the format to share your work and get feedback from experienced poets, or start your own group to talk about a particular style or theme.

Subscribing to Podcasts and YouTube Channels

If you’re looking for a way to stay connected to the poetry community, consider subscribing to podcasts and YouTube channels. These can be an entertaining and informative way to learn about new poets, styles, and techniques.

Developing Your Voice

Once you’ve found a platform to engage with and the right communities, it’s important to focus on developing your own voice as a poet. Learning to express yourself with clarity and confidence can be an invaluable way to strengthen your work and grow as a poet.

Finding Resources and Editing Help

Finding trusted resources to help you hone your craft is essential. Many subreddits feature tips for improving your writing, editing advice, and general guidance for poets of all levels of experience.

Network and Connect

Making connections in the poetry community is an incredible way to broaden your horizons as a poet. Reach out to other poets, connect with editors and writers, and get involved in writing workshops or meet-ups.

Joining Writing Groups

Joining a writing group can be an invaluable way to not only practice your craft but get feedback and encouragement from other poets. Many subreddits offer links to local writing groups and they’re a great way to meet other poets and get involved in the community.

Attending Poetry Readings

There’s something special about hearing a poem in its original form. Attending live poetry readings is a great way to gain perspective, see how other poets present their work and explore different styles.

Keeping Up With the Latest News and Developments

Many subreddits offer a platform for sharing the latest news and trends in the poetry world. This can be an excellent way to stay informed about the industry and stay current on the latest developments.

Building a Supportive Online Community

Reddit is a great platform for building a supportive online community. Connect with other poets, engage in helpful conversations and learn from each other’s experiences. An online community can offer a valuable support system and provide you with the resources you need to succeed.

Minnie Walters is a passionate writer and lover of poetry. She has a deep knowledge and appreciation for the work of famous poets such as William Wordsworth, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, and many more. She hopes you will also fall in love with poetry!

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