How To Make Money With Poetry

Poetry is one of the most ancient art forms, and has been written for centuries. It is an expression of emotions and thoughts in a rhythmic way and can help you make money if you’re passionate about writing it. In this article we’ll talk about some ways you can use poetry to make money.

Writing poems is not just a hobby, it can actually be a viable source of income. You can write and publish poems in various ways, such as selling them online, entering poetry competitions, and teaching poetry classes. Here are some ways how you can use poetry to make money.

Writing Poetry For Magazines and Journals

Many small magazines and journals accept and pay for poetry submissions. Writing and submitting your work to them is a great way to make money with your poetry. They pay a base fee and then also pay additional money when people buy the magazine.

Research publishers that specialize in poetry and submit your work through email.You may have to look for lower paying publications to start but some publications pay well for your content.

Make sure your poem is appropriate for the theme of the magazine or journal. When you search for publisher, make sure you’re sending your work to a reputable publication. Read their guidelines carefully and follow them. Also, make sure you have an agreement about copyright and royalties.

Selling Your Poetry Online

Writing and selling your poetry online is another way to make money. You can start by setting up a website where you can post your poems and generate some revenue through advertising or by selling products such as books or prints.

You can also look for online poetry websites that can showcase your work. These sites will allow you to sell your poetry directly to the readers. You can offer individual poems, poetry books, and poetry collections.

Additionally, you can post your poetry on websites like Etsy. There are also many services that offer royalty-free licenses for your poems, allowing them to be used in commercials, books, and other forms of media.

Competitions and Grants

There are several poetry competitions held throughout the year where you can submit your work and possibly make money. Check for local, state, and international poetry competitions and see if you can win a cash prize.

You can also search for poetry grants that can help you financially. Though there are fewer poetry grants compared to other genres, it is still worth looking for them. Look for grant opportunities from foundations, literary organizations, and the government.

Also, look for open mic nights where you can present your poems to a live audience. It’s a great way to build an audience and get paid for it. Additionally, if you have a large online presence, you can ask your followers to make donations.

Teaching Poetry

Teaching is another avenue to make money with poetry. You can teach an online poetry class or offer one-on-one tutoring sessions. You can also teach at a local college or university, or provide virtual private sessions for those who are keen to learn the art of poetry.

You may also offer lectures and presentations on poetry. You can charge a fee for the session or ask for donations. Or you can work with schools and organizations to give poetry lessons to students.

If you have a good network, you can partner with professional organizations to promote poetry and give talks or workshops.

Monetizing Your Website or YouTube Channel

If you have a website or blog dedicated to poetry, you can monetize it by accepting donations, selling products such as e-books or prints, or through advertising networks. You can also collaborate with sponsors and set up a crowdfunding campaign.

YouTube is another great way to make money with your poetry. You can upload videos of you performing your poems. Create a channel and post your poems with vivid visuals to engage your audience. You can make money with YouTube through ads and sponsorships.

You can also create an online course with your poetry as the main theme and offer it as a paid course. To make it more attractive include extras such as weekly coaching calls, a private Facebook group, or access to a Q&A forum.

Social Media

Social media can be an effective platform to promote your poetry, and it can also help you make money. You can create a profile and post your poems, ask your followers to support you, and monetize your posts.

Post regularly and engage with the followers. If your work is good enough, you may be able to collaborate with brands and get paid for it. Connect with influencers and leverage their reach. You can also use Instagram and other platforms to promote your work and build an audience.

Build relationships with other writers and attend poetry readings. Participate in social and literary activities to create connections. Creating a name for yourself will help you to garner more opportunities.

Writing Poetry Books

If you have a collection of poems, you can publish a poetry book. Look for an appropriate publisher and contact them. Or you could self-publish your work and set up a website to promote the book.

You can also work with Amazon Kindle and other e-book publishing platforms to promote your book. You can reach out to online book stores and ask them to display your book. If you’re successful in driving sales, then you can also get royalties for your work.

You can promote your book through social media and poetry readings. Additionally, you can look for local bookstores and ask them to display your book.

Coaching and Mentoring

You can make money by coaching aspiring poets and helping them polish their work. You can offer private coaching sessions or write articles for other websites. You may also be able to partner with literary organizations and offer teaching gigs or mentoring.

You can also set up a Patreon page and ask your followers to support you through donations. Look for professionals who may be interested in learning the art of poetry and mentor them.

You may also be able to collaborate with other poets or writers and offer your services. You can provide editing, proofreading, and writing services for other writers.


Networking is extremely important if you want to make money with poetry. Get in touch with publishing houses, small magazines, and journals. Reach out to writers, poets, and bloggers and expand your professional network.

You can start by attending writing workshops and conferences, and joining poetry groups. Make sure you attend as many poetry readings as possible. Connect with members of the literary community and ask them for feedback.

You can also look for online communities related to the topic and establish yourself as a prominent poet. Network and collaborate with other poets and look for new opportunities.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing is very important when it comes to making money with poetry. You can start by creating an email list and use it for promotions. Keeping in touch with your audience and having a newsletter is very helpful in developing relationships with readers and potential buyers.

You can also use social media platforms to market your work. You can create and promote content such as videos, contests, rebates, and giveaways to engage the audience. Use powerful visuals in your marketing material and create a powerful story.

You can start a blog and post your poems. You can also reach out to traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, and radio shows and pitch your work. Once you start gaining recognition and respect, your poems will be seen by many and this will open up more opportunities.


Making money with poetry requires skill, perseverance and hard work. You can explore various ways to make money with your poetry. Look for opportunities, network and collaborate with other poets, and set up an online presence. Be creative, take risks, and make sure your poems are of high quality.

Minnie Walters is a passionate writer and lover of poetry. She has a deep knowledge and appreciation for the work of famous poets such as William Wordsworth, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, and many more. She hopes you will also fall in love with poetry!

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