How To Sell My Poetry

Given the subtle nature of poetry, it can often be difficult to reach potential readers. Before beginning to take measures to promote your poetry, become familiar with both traditional and innovative approaches to selling it. The wider one’s understanding, the more creative and effective their efforts can become.
Utilizing the internet, especially through utilizing social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to advertise and bring attention to one’s work, is a good and free start. Forums dedicated to poetry and ones that has a growing community discussing it can also be beneficial for having one’s work read and discussed. Other suggestions include building an online portfolio, selling self-published books, and submitting to publications.
It is important to be mindful of copyright when submitting to publications and also when self-publishing. Make sure to research and use Creative Commons licenses; this is a type of copyright that enables writers/artists to make their work available for reuse, modify and share free of charge. When learning about the various copyright laws and rules, it can be helpful to research and compare the rights and privileges of all the diverse avenues of self-publishing.
Connecting with the right people can also be transformational when it comes to sharing one’s work. Seeking out publications and organizations that publishes the kind of content one’s writing should help in getting one’s work appreciated. Establishing online relationships with other poets and artists, attending literary events where one can mingle, and engaging with literary organizations are all good approaches when it comes to having one’s poetry reach and engage the right readers.
Finding the right target audience or niche and developing them through a process of trial and error is also always important. Utilizing tools and conducting market research is the only way to gain insight into the type of readers that is likely to be more interested in one’s poetry. Once one has identified their preferred audience, focus on building relationships with them. Creating a steady fan-base dedicated to one’s work is possible by developing a solid social media presence and keeping an active website in which one can regularly update with new and old material.

Hire Out Services

When aiming to have own message and poetry read by a wider audience, it can be a great idea to commission and hire services that can help one increase their audience. Utilizing promotional companies, both online and on-the-ground, is becoming a popular decision for established and emerging poets seeking to expand their presence. Whether this involves getting one’s work out there and increase website traffic, or using services such as customizable printing and design companies, it is important to research the services that suit one’s work best and within their budget.
Of course, one also needs to make sure that if they choose to hire professional services, it is done with the consideration that the services provided are reputable in order to make sure one’s money is well spent. It is also important to have a good understanding of the terms and conditions of the services that are being hired.

Create Multiple Copies

In the age of technology, it is a great idea to create multiple types of one’s work to ensure that one can reach a large audience. While keeping it all available only in print may widen one’s potential audience, it would require a large investment both in terms of resources and time. Thus, having multiple formats and multiple outlets increases the chances of one’s poetry finding the right readers hassle-free.
For example, creating e-books and maintaining regular updates to an online blog is a great way to reach readers. Submitting work also to local organizations and libraries increases chances of events and collaborations with others. Additionally, trying one’s hand in anthology texts, podcasts, contributed pieces and spotlights, and other features are great ways to keep one’s work in readers’ minds.

Organize an Event

Organizing an event to read one’s poetry and have it appreciated by an audience is pivotal when it comes to gaining recognition. Events can range from small house readings to literary festivals, but it is important to research the possibilities and go for a location and space that is suitable for one’s goal. Making sure that the audience understands one’s work is of utmost importance.
Inviting established artists, illustrators and poets, as well as those within the same niche is a great way to grab the attention of potential readers. Promoting the event through postcards and fliers and using local radio and television programs to spread the word can also work out to one’s advantage. Collaborations with establishments and broadening one’s network is a great way to staff the event appropriately.
Additionally, creating a cash-bar or generating commitments from sponsors helps cover the costs of the event and ensures it has a positive outcome.

Build a Network and Collaborate

Creating a wide, supportive and knowledgeable network is a great way to keep learning, stop getting scared of mistakes, stay motivated and gain critical feedback. Keeping a contact list, asking for advice from established peers, and attending workshops and seminars are all ways to keep gathering knowledge of the world poets and writers live in.
Creating open and trustful relationships with artists who can offer artistic insights and perspectives on one’s work can also be beneficial. In addition, asking peers constructive and honest questions regarding one’s poetry can open the doors to collaborating and working together. This can help one share workloads, get work proofread and receive industryrelated guidance.

Gift Your Work

Giving one’s work away as a gift has become an increasingly popular way to get one’s work read by potential readers. People tend to willingly accept something that is given for free; thus, providing friends and family with a personalized gift, such as a selfpublished book of selected poems, may not only be appreciated for its thoughtfulness but also for the literary value of the gift.
By doing this, one’s work can be potentially spread across the world with others talking about it. Whether one prints collectibles such as postcards, t-shirts, and tote bags, or gifting their work in the form of books, dvds, and cds, it is important to take into account various elements such as designs, layouts, and more.

Utilize Stranger Donors

When aiming to gain a larger reach and get one’s work out there, donations can work out to one’s advantage. Many strangers are often willing to help out with small donations to promote and support new authors; this could include platforms such as crowdfunding sites. Moreover, there are multiple online resources that give out small grants and awards specifically devoted to support established and emerging poets.
It is also important to keep in mind that, if one dedicates themselves fully to their audience and explores the possibilities of using speakers and paying visits to schools, universities and libraries and conducting performances, donations are likely to increase due to the perceived added value of the author. Generous donations help authors cover the costs of their publication and traveling when it comes to reaching larger and increasingly diverse audiences.

Publicize Poetry in Publications

Publishing in diverse print and online magazines and journals is a great way to widen one’s reach in the world of poetry. When submitting for publication, it is important to consider factors such as turnaround time, pay rates,, and appropriateness for the target audience.
Visibility is often key when it comes to having one’s work read and appreciated by others as editions with photos and interviews could help in getting noticed by larger audiences. It is also important to understand that self-submitting requires having a great understanding of the publication’s guidelines, readership, and genre, as well as deadlines; this is the first step in having one’s poetry read by more people.
Submitting one’s work for publication also makes it easier for readers to find one’s work and gives them free access, thus making one’s work more accessible to those who do not have the means to buy a full-length poetry book.

Develop an Online Presence

One of the most important ways to get noticed is to establish a steady online presence through websites, blogs and online forums. This allows potential readers to find one’s work easily; this includes both professional and/or amateur to visualize the quality of one’s work, as well as look up biographies and other materials.
This presence should consist of an effective website or blog in which one can regularly update with new and old material. It should also include suggestions for those interested in possessing a physical copy of the work, list upcoming publications and events, and provide links to and from other websites. Additionally, blogging regularly, posting regularly on social media, and shooting emails to subscribers and followers can all help one’s presences reach more people.
Finally, it is important for poets to remember that selling their work does not start and end with them. It is important to remain proactive and use the tools available to reach different networks that can help one reach their goals. Utilizing events and various selling opportunities are great ways to launch one’s work.

Minnie Walters is a passionate writer and lover of poetry. She has a deep knowledge and appreciation for the work of famous poets such as William Wordsworth, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, and many more. She hopes you will also fall in love with poetry!

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