Is Poetry A Dying Art Form

Poetry, from its very inception,has served mankind as a powerful vessel of expression.It is seen as an art form where carefully chosen words are used to create beautiful passages of such a powerful emotional effect that it captures the essence of even the most subtle thematic complexities.But in the modern digital age,the lines are starting to blur between the flourishing artistry of the written word,and the waning traditions of literature.Over the last decades,the emphasis placed on the creation of poetry has slowly begun to dwindle.

The popularization of technology,while undeniably a cause for celebration in many aspects,has also managed to hold great sway over attention spans everywhere.The internet,and more recently social media,has set up a world where we are accustomed to quick rewards from cleanly packaged information.These days it has become abnormally difficult for the depths of verse to take full advantage of the short attentions of what society has sought to quickly recognize.In studies done around the world,it has come to light that when a certain generation has been exposed to an insufficient amount of reading material,the effects are incredibly abrasive to any form of poetry.

Coupled with the issue of insufficient educational coverage of poetry,this art form is also facing competition from music,drama and art.Visual media has been consistently growing in popularity over recent years,and the demand for alternative forms of expression has also seen significant fluctuations.Writers are drawn to the lure of alternative artistic processes, not to mention the doors of employment this opens up for them in entertainment and other industries.This is only further exacerbated by the many tools available for free,while songwriting for example is still quite costly to get into.

The engagement that could once be felt with such powerful and expressive works of art has been discouraged in the face of the competitive struggles that modern culture has posed.Also,it has become increasingly difficult for poets to find financial compensation for their works.In the days of old,writing was seen as an art that lined the pockets of its creators,but these days the pool of convenience in certain aspects has made things more difficult for the younger generations looking to pursue it professionally.Of course,this doesn’t erase the existence of monetary accomplishment through poetry,but it certainly doesn’t help bolster the chances of those hoping to make a living off the craft.

It’s clear then,taht the art of poetry is facing a crisis of relevance.With limited outlets for recognition and rewards,people are labeled as overly sentimental for their attempt at expressions to be celebrated in an industry where overstimulation is hard to come by.It is up to Cultural institutionalization,educational systems,and resource-rich opportunities to bring the power of this traditional art form to the modern world again.

What Can Be Done To Bring Poetry Back?

A major part of the solution to the situation is an increased advocay for the cause.One possible way for this to be achieved would be through fundraising campaigns.Getting involved in crowdfunding could help garner attention to the art form of poetry,encouraging more people to pursue it as a career.Doing this also helps to create a dialogue between the poet,the fans, and other members of the artistic community.

In order to give poetry a much needed injection of financial support,some poets are selling access to their work in specific online platforms,or writing advertising jingles.Other poets host open-mic events in cafes or theatres to engage their audience and bring poetry back to the public view.Teaching poetry in schools and providing incentives or rewards to those with a passion for writing poetry are also great ways to revitalise poetry as an art form.

Organizations that fund,promote,and spread the art of poetry can also be of great help.Offering special grants to emerging poets to fund their work and provide resources,competitions,publications,and more can be of great help in moving the craft forward.

It’s also important to remember that there are many different ways for poets to pursue their vocation.These range from hosting readings,writing for publications,submitting for awards,publishing a collection of one’s own poems,and giving lectures and workshops.

The Power of Poetry

The potential of poetry as an art form is boundless.There is an incredible amount of beauty and power that can be found in a carefully composed piece of writing,marked by a creativity that is so often missed by traditional prose.For this reason,the written language deserves a certain level of enhanced appreciation and respect,and thus should not be overlooked in our modern world.

Writers of poetry have long understood the power of expression.Speeches by prominent politicians,songs by our beloved pop stars,and even viral youtube tags you come across today are often composed with the clever use of words.The carefully selected syllables of poets laid the foundations for an extraordinary amount of comfort,enlightenment and perspective for countless generations,and as such,it can be argued that it would be a huge disservice to let their voice of this frame of expression be put to rest.

Modernizers of Poetry

As the digital age has brought with it a new way of connecting to different snippets of culture,emerging poets have capitalized on the opportunities that have been presented on online platforms.Through the constant stream of new developments in tech,writers have been given a chance to create and share their work in a much easier and wider format than during the pre-internet days.From tumblrs to YouTube and juker,social media outlets provide an outlet for talent to be appreciated,consumed,and shared.

Also,many initiatives have emerged to help preserve the role of poetry in modern culture.The Poetry Society of America,for example,engages its members in various activities,creating space for sharing in hopes of inspiring the next generation of poets.Sponsored writing programs,public readings,and awards serve to promote creativity among young people and encourage them to pursue the dreams that poets once dreamed.

The digital age is beginning to see the emergence of many new forms of poetry,alluding to the fact that poetry is still a powerful form of expression that is here to stay.These new forms of poetry allow writers to freely explore the boundaries of creativity,which are proving to be incredibly successful on the world stage.The mix of video,music,graphics,lyrics and animation is just one of the ways in which artists can showcase their works in an increasingly digital landscape.

The New Reality of Poetry

Though it would be difficult to predict the future of this beautiful form of expression,it is safe to say that poetry is not going anywhere.So long as people embrace their emotions and continue to recognize the power of the written work,poetry will remain a timeless symbol of humanity’s most profound feelings.The art form holds a special place in many hearts,and this is something that will never change.

In the near future,poets will need to take on new roles and responsibilities in order to ensure the success of poetry in our ever-evolving digital age.It will be up to poets to capitalize on the modern means of expression that are available,in hopes of ultimately creating an audience that will appreciate and pay reverence to their work.It is just a matter of recognizing the new opportunities that come with every passing day,and carefully crafting a new vision of poetry in the digital age.

Displaying Poetry in New Ways

A great way for poets to gain traction amongst the modern public is to expandtheir horizons and look for new ways to present their work.This could take the formof books,music,performances,speeches,and other forms of mediums.By expanding their repertoire and getting creative with their work,poets can reach a wider audience and explore new avenues of expression.

In addition,poets can look to create their own platforms to share their works.Having their own website,blog,or online store gives poets the freedom to not only share their workwith their target audience,but also monetize their work, which can do wonders for their financial situation.

Finally,libraries,bookstores and other locations modeled for the purpose of exhibiting works can be of great assistance.Many libraries today offer a platform for aspiring poets to share and engage with their work,and book stores provide a space for poets to put their works for sale and grow their public profile.


The art of poetry is not decline.It has merely been overshadowed by other,more visible forms of expression in the digital age.However,there still remains potential for poets to make their mark on the culture at large.It involves making use of the myriad of available avenues of expression,as well as garnering financial support for the craft.By staying in tune with the modern pulse and communting and engaging with a wider audience,poets can remain afloat,and be fully appreciated in the long run.

Minnie Walters is a passionate writer and lover of poetry. She has a deep knowledge and appreciation for the work of famous poets such as William Wordsworth, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, and many more. She hopes you will also fall in love with poetry!

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