Me Too Poetry Anthology


The Me Too poetry anthology is an internationally acclaimed collection of poetry composed by female authors. It consists of twenty-eight volumes, published in thirteen countries and four continents. The collection brings together the diverse voices of female writers, as they document their experience of growing up and living in a world where gender stereotypes and gender-based violence have been a pervasive reality. In the anthology, these authors offer an alternative perspective on gender, one where the experience of womanhood is celebrated. This has become a crucial source of inspiration for many who have been striving for equality and self-expression.


The Me Too anthology emerged from a single poem written by Indian poet, Amrita Pritam, titled ‘The Little Revelation’. This poem was an exceptionally striking piece which expresses the feelings of womanhood and has since inspired the entire movement. It captures the courage it takes to fight for justice and the human right to speak one’s truth without fear. This poem is, therefore, an accurate representation of the struggle, strength and resilience of women, as well as a powerful statement of their collective power.

The anthology was established in 2017, with the support of the United Nations, in response to the global outcry against the gendered discrimination prevalent in various parts of the world. It provides a platform for female authors from different geographic, class, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, to create and share writings which challenge the oppressive norms and socially constructed ideals of womanhood.


The anthology has mainly featured stories about rape, abuse, objectification and sexual harassment of women. But it has also addressed other topics such as freedom, identity, love and self-realisation. With the wealth of ingenious ideas present in the collection, it can compel readers to explore and analyse their own perspectives on gender roles, and to think deeply about the world they live in. It also encourages them to become more informed and conscious of the forms of inequality that are still commonplace in society today.

The anthology is composed of different styles of writing, including poems, short stories, novels and even creative non-fiction. Consequently, it serves as a broad platform to explore the various dimensions of the female experience, such as physical and emotional abuse, sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia and various other forms of discrimination.


This anthology has been embraced by many readers and celebrated as a groundbreaking contribution to literature. Writer Germaine Greer, for instance, has praised the anthology for its unique narrative style, saying it “has the power to revolutionise our understanding of the concept of gender, and to empower those discriminated against or excluded due to their gender.”

Since its inception, the anthology has provided a powerful platform to women’s voices, enabling them to speak up and share their experiences. It has been a source of comfort and inspiration to countless people, as it shows them that they are not alone in their struggles. In many ways, this collection has become a beacon of hope and solidarity where women can communicate, support and empower each other.

Author Backgrounds

The authors included in the anthology are renowned female writers from India, the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico and Costa Rica, among other countries. All the authors have gone through various struggles because of their gender, which makes the anthology especially impactful.

These authors are from various backgrounds, and come from different fields such as poetry, journalism, activism and social work. Some are renowned for their influential work in literature, and for actively opposing socio-cultural and economic injustice. Their stories thus provide a unique insight into the female experience, and their nuanced approach to gender makes this anthology especially relatable for anyone with a keen interest in gender justice.


Some people regard this anthology as being overly dark and pessimistic in its portrayal of the female experience. Critics state that some of the stories included do not adequately represent the empowering aspects of women’s strength and resilience, and that some of the topics discussed are far too heavy. Nevertheless, the anthology has gained overwhelming support since its release, as it has resonated with readers who are looking for meaningful and authentic stories that capture the shifting realities of the female experience.

Reviews and Awards

The Me Too anthology has won numerous awards and recognitions, mainly because of its profound contributions to literature and society. It has been regarded highly by international book critics, newspapers, and even renowned authors, who are impressed by its unique approach to gender issues.

This anthology has also received numerous accolades, including the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry and the 2020 Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction. Several of the authors included in the anthology have also received honorable mentions in the awards and received considerable recognition for their work.

Collaboration and Expansion

The authors of the Me Too anthology are committed to uplifting the voices of female writers and challenging the status quo of gender narratives and stereotypes. They have shown a willingness to collaborate with other social initiatives and organisations which have the same goals as theirs.

The anthology has also been instrumental in promoting the works of female authors, especially those from underrepresented communities. In order to achieve this, the authors have established a number of initiatives and events to encourage collaboration and cross-cultural dialogues. They have also sought to broaden their reader-base by launching various platforms and campaigns.

Educational Opportunities

The Me Too anthology has provided invaluable educational opportunities for people who are interested in the diverse narratives of gender justice. It has been actively used in school curriculums across the world and has demonstrated its potential to act as a powerful teaching tool. It has made it possible for students to learn more about the complexities of gender and to become more aware of the injustices that many still experience on a daily basis.

The anthology has also enabled people to explore the inspiring and diverse stories of female authors, inspiring creative and critical thinking, and helping people to build a better understanding of gender-based inequality. It has thus opened up a world of possibilities, allowing more people to gain access to literature, to create meaningful connections and to challenge traditional power structures.


The Me Too poetry anthology has been an extremely important source of inspiration and strength for countless people. It has encouraged awareness of, and reflection on, gender issues, opened up a platform for female writers, provided education and meaningful insights, and created a world of possibilities for those striving for equality. In this way, it has become a vital presence in the fight for gender justice and freedom of expression.

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