What Are Interesting Facts About Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou was one of the greatest authors of all time. She was a poet, novelist, civil rights activist, and a powerful storyteller. She was an inspiration to generations around the world. Here are some interesting facts about her that you may not know.

One of the most remarkable things about Maya Angelou was that she had one of the most extraordinary accomplishments in American literature. She wrote seven autobiographies, starting with her first one, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. This book sold millions of copies and won several awards, propelling her to become an international literary icon.

It’s also remarkable that Maya Angelou was an incredibly prolific poet, with more than 30 published works. Her poetry has been used for birthday cards, greeting cards, and even textbooks. A number of her most famous works include Phenomenal Woman, Still I Rise and On the Pulse of Morning.

Maya Angelou also had a powerful feminine presence and was an advocate for other women to embrace their power. As a renowned speaker, she delivered some of the most inspiring speeches on female empowerment. She received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, The National Medal of Arts, and was honored twice by the United Nations.

Maya Angelou was also a renowned civil rights activist. She worked with Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X in their efforts to achieve civil rights for African Americans. She also worked with other civil rights activists to fight for gender equality, women’s rights, and LGBT rights.

Other Interesting Facts About Angelou:

Her activism wasn’t limited to civil rights either. Angelou was also a proponent of gender and racial equality. She was a frequent guest speaker at college campuses, and was selected as the first ever Reynolds Professor of American Studies at Wake Forest University.

She was also a successful actress, having appeared in several films and television shows, including the 1985 miniseries, The Women of Brewster Place. She also wrote an original screenplay, All Day Long, and wrote music and lyrics for a number of songs.

An additional one of Maya Angelou’s unexpected talents was her ability to speak several languages. She was fluent in French, Spanish and Italian, and was able to converse in many others.

In one of the last interviews before she passed away, Angelou shared that she thought, “Nothing is given with ease, but the things most worth having are worked for and achieved.” This inspiring message still resonates with people all over the world today.

Maya Angelou’s Impact On The World:

Maya Angelou was an incredibly influential figure in the world of politics and civil rights. She was a prominent member of the civil rights movement and worked tirelessly to promote racial and gender equality. She also served as an advocate for women in the workforce and was a key figure in helping to establish the Democratic National Committee.

Her work continues to be an inspiration and motivator of change in the world today, as her books and poems are read in classrooms around the world, and her messages of hope and courage are shared across generations and ideologies.

Angelou’s powerful voice was also instrumental in the fields of leadership, education and social justice. Her speeches have been quoted in women’s studies and black history classes, and her books are considered essential reading for many high school and college courses.

Her influence and impact can be seen in every corner of the world. From the largest cities to the most rural corners of the globe, people of all ages and backgrounds have been inspired by her work and the power of her words. She is the ultimate example of an international icon.

Maya Angelou’s Legacy:

Today, Angelou’s legacy lives on through many initiatives that keep her spirit alive. Her poetry and books continue to inspire people and bring them together to work for a better future. Her words are still used as a powerful tool for change, and her words and works continue to teach and empower others.

Her works continue to be the source of inspiration and motivation for many, especially young African Americans. She paved the way for countless opportunities, and her work and words continue to help shape a more equal and just world.

Maya Angelou’s legacy will live on forever, and her contributions will never be forgotten. It is a testimony to her influence and dedication that she has become a symbol of hope, courage and empowerment.

Maya Angelou’s Contribution To Music:

Angelou was also a huge force in the world of music. Her award-winning album, Phenomenal Woman, was the first album of original music by a black female musician in more than 30 years. Her music has been a source of inspiration and comfort to many, and has been featured in several film and television soundtracks.

Additionally, Angelou wrote lyrics for several songs, and she served as a mentor and influencer to many young musicians. She also worked with a number of artists, including the likes of Lionel Richie, Prince, and Quincy Jones.

In 2010, she was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Recording Academy for her contributions to music and culture. She was also recognized for her work with the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and was honored with the George & Ira Gershwin Lifetime Award.

In her honor, the Maya Angelou Legacy Collection was established at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington DC. This collection includes items such as manuscripts, interviews, and recordings of her works and speeches.

Maya Angelou’s Activism Across Generations:

Angelou’s teachings and activism have been a source of inspiration for generations across the world. Her words, books and speeches have been used to support and resource a variety of causes and initiatives, including the Black Lives Matter movement and the fight for civil rights and equality.

Her legacy has also impacted young people, inspiring them to dream big, create their own paths, and take action for justice. She encouraged young people to be proud of who they are, use their voices and never stop fighting for what is right.

Maya Angelou left an indelible mark on the world of literature, music, activism and the fight for civil rights and equality. She was an inspiring and powerful figure who left a lasting legacy that will never be forgotten.

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