What Caused Maya Angelou Death

Maya Angelou, the renowned African American writer and civil rights activist, passed away at the age of 86 on May 28, 2014. While her family never released the cause of her death, it is believed to have been from natural causes. While she had many health issues during her later years, the exact cause of Maya Angelou’s death has remained a mystery.

At the time of her death, Maya Angelou was experiencing a number of physical ailments. She had suffered a broken hip and later on opened up about dealing with other medical issues. Additionally, she used a cane to help her walk. Although she had a number of medical issues, she still managed to travel globally, writing and speaking in different countries. As such, it came as a shock to many people when she passed away.

It is possible that the death of Maya Angelou might have been due to her lifestyle and habits. A major part of her life was spent in a flurry of activity either writing, delivering lectures or travelling the world. She was particularly energetic in her 80s and continued with her hectic schedule until the weeks prior to her death. Therefore, it is possible that her fast-paced life may have had an impact on her health, as research shows that people who lead a sedentary lifestyle are prone to suffer from various health issues.

While her family did not reveal the cause of her death, many believe it could have been due to a number of ailments that she was suffering from. This includes, but is not limited to, high blood pressure, heart and kidney problems, and the years of smoking that she had done. In the later years of her life, Angelou was quite vocal about her health problems. Therefore, it is not unlikely that a “progressive battle with age-related illnesses” ultimately caused her death.

In addition to her physical health, it is also possible that mental health issues could have contributed to the death of Maya Angelou. She opened up her struggles with depression in after writing her award-winning autobiography ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.’ She discussed how she was troubled by depression and suicidal thoughts from the age of 17 to her late adult life. Therefore, it is likely that her mental health could have weakened her body and caused her death.

The Impact on Her Community

The death of Maya Angelou left a big impact on the African American community and the world. She was an iconic figure for the black community and it was clear that her death would be mourned by millions. Her life as an educator, author and civil rights activist inspired generations of black children, who were motivated to make a difference in the world due to her work. Therefore, her death was a huge loss felt across the globe. As a result, many of her friends and fans hosted a range of memorial services in her honor.

Legacy Left By Maya Angelou

In spite of her death, Maya Angelou left a remarkable legacy. She was a voice for the voiceless and a champion for the oppressed. Her inspiring works in areas of literature, art, civil rights and women’s rights have lasting impact on global culture. Her novels were added to the syllabi of colleges and universities, while her work as a civil rights activist gained praise from both activists and politicians. Moreover, she was awarded numerous honors, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

How Her Death Impacted Her Work

The death of Maya Angelou was not only a huge loss for the African American community but also for her fans worldwide. Her works and views touched the lives of many people who were passionate about social and political issues. Maya Angelou was very vocal in the issues that she cared about and this activism was felt in her works. Thus, her death took away a powerful voice of the African American community.

What Could Have Caused Her Death

It is likely that Maya Angelou’s death was caused by a number of factors, including physical and mental health issues. The combination of high blood pressure, heart, and kidney problems, and her years of smoking could have weakened her body and caused her death. Additionally, her mental health issues such as depression and suicidal thoughts could have impacted her physical health and caused her death. While the exact cause of her death has never been revealed, it is certain that her life and works have left an everlasting impact on the world.

How Her Death Impacted Literature

Maya Angelou’s death had a huge impact on contemporary literature. As one of the world’s most celebrated authors, her works have acted as a form of activism, bringing awareness to a range of social and political issues. In the wake of her death, several of her works, such as ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings’ and ‘The Heart of a Woman’ gained renewed popularity and cemented her legacy as a revolutionary author.

The Legacy of Maya Angelou’s Life and Works

Maya Angelou was much more than a renowned American poet, novelist, and civil rights activist. She was a symbol of courage, strength and resilience. Her death left a huge hole in the hearts of many people, especially African Americans. Even so, her works and activism will live forever, continuing to offer lessons of hope and inspiration to generations to follow.

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