What Did Maya Angelou Pass Away From

Maya Angelou was an American poet, actress, activist, and memoirist who has passed away on the 28th May 2014 at the age of 86. The cause of her death was due to unknown health issues that have never been revealed to the public. However, it is generally accepted that her death was caused by age-related complications.

Despite the mysterious circumstances surrounding her death, there is speculate Maya Angelou had underlying health issues before her death. It was reported that Angelou had difficulty with her heart rhythm, was light headed and dizzy, and had a long-standing difficulty hearing in her later years.

The primary goal of her medical treatment was to improve the quality of her life. Even when consulting different doctors and specialists, Angelou’s medical team were unable to adequately diagnose the cause of her health problems and decide on an appropriate treatment plan. This incapability to diagnose her condition, in addition to her age, likely contributed to her death.

It is speculated that Angelou suffered from cardiomyopathy, a heart muscle disease that can lead to heart failure. She also may have had malignant hypertension and/or cardiovascular disease. These issues can lead to bradycardia, a condition in which the heart rate is slow and the heart has difficulty pumping efficiently.

Although the exact cause of Angelou’s death is unknown, her age and her underlying health issues are likely to have had a detrimental effect on her health, resulting in her passing. Despite the tragedy of her passing, Angelou is remembered for her outstanding contribution to the world through the poetry, plays, memoirs, and other works she has left in her wake.

Final Hours

At the time of Angelou’s passing, family members were with her to provide comfort and love. Her son Guy Johnson reported that he had stayed with her in her final days — “My son was at her side and, so, at the moment of the transition, we were all there to say goodbye to her.” According to those close to the situation, she died peacefully and without a prolonged period of decline.

Despite the fact that a cause of death has never been confirmed, it is likely that Angelou’s age and her underlying health issues played a major role in her passing. In spite of this, she is remembered as an influential poet, performer, and thinker who will be remembered for generations to come.

Age Despite Good Health Habits

Angelou was an advocate for healthy habits — she was a regular fitness enthusiast and followed a vegan diet — but these habits alone were not enough to avoid her untimely death. The complexity of her particular condition, coupled with her advanced age, likely played a part in her decline.

Although the cause of death was not revealed, it is likely to be related to her age and her underlying health issues. Her individual combination of health issues and her age may have impacted her ability to maintain her independence and her overall quality of life.

Age-related decline, in addition to underlying health issues, can lead to multiple health issues and ultimately death. Angelou was no exception to this, and although her exact cause of death is unknown, her age and her particular health issues likely had an immense impact on her life.

Investigation of Cause of Death

Although the cause of Angelou’s death is not known, the numerous health issues she suffered from likely had a contributing effect. Her age combined with her underlying health issues likely lead to her passing, but it is impossible to know for certain without further medical investigation.

Although the official cause of death remains unknown, it is likely that her age combined with her underlying medical issues were the primary contributors to Angelou’s passing. Her age was a major factor in her decline and likely had a detrimental effect on her quality of life.

Many speculate that Angelou passed away due to cardiomyopathy, malignant hypertension and/or cardiovascular disease, however, no conclusive evidence has been found to draw a thorough conclusion. In addition to her age, these underlying health issues may have hindered her quality of life and ultimately been the primary contributing factor to her passing.

Impact of Poor Health

The failing health of Maya Angelou had a noticeable effect on her life before her death. Due to her age and her underlying health issues, she was forced to slow down and rely more heavily on assistance. The quality of her life was noticeably impacted and her health declined at a rapid pace.

Her medical team were unable to provide the necessary medical care and an appropriate treatment plan that could have potentially improved her conditions. Ultimately, Angelou’s age and her underlying health issues likely resulted in her passing. Her poor health and age likely had an immense impact on her life and ultimately led to her death.

Medical Care Too Little, Too Late

Angelou had an extensive medical history, yet despite all the medical care she received, Angelou was never able to receive a full diagnosis of her condition. This lack of appropriate diagnosis and treatment likely had a detrimental effect on her health and ultimate death.

The medical procedures she underwent, such as the tests to rule out cancer and the insertion of a pacemaker, ultimately failed to diagnose the source of her illnesses. The doctors, who were unable to diagnose her condition, did not identify a way to manage her health and improve her quality of life.

The incapability of her doctors and health care team to diagnose her condition, in addition to her age, likely led to her death. Despite the treatments she underwent and the medical care she received, Angelou ultimately succumbed to her age and health-related complications.

An Unknown Legacy

Although the cause of Angelou’s death remains a mystery, her legacy is known to many. Her vast works of literature, spoken words, and numerous performances have enshrined her as an icon in the literary world. Her life and accomplishments will continue to be celebrated for years to come.

Many legendary literary figures and public figures have spoken about the impact that Angelou had on the world. Barack Obama said of Angelou, “Yesterday, she passed away, but the intelligence, wit, courage and exuberant love of life and language that brought Maya Angelou to life will never be extinguished.”

Angelou’s life and work have served as a source of inspiration to many. Despite the mysteries surrounding her death, her legacy will continue to be celebrated and her memory will live on for generations to come.

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