What Does Maya Angelou Do For A Living

Maya Angelou was an author, poet, activist, and speaker who had a long and distinguished career of great distinction. She was a recipient of three Grammies, a Pulitzer Prize nomination, a Presidential Medal of Freedom, and countless other awards and honors. She is a prolific writer whose works have impacted millions of people around the world. As an activist, she was involved in some landmark social and political events such as the politics of race and gender. In addition, Maya was a renowned performer who captivated audiences with her stirring lectures, stage readings, and other speaking engagements.

Throughout her career, Maya Angelou made history. She was the first writer to appear on the cover of “Time” magazine and the first black female to write and direct a major motion picture. As a speaker, she informed, inspired, and empowered others. Her speeches challenged traditional views about black women and emphasized their need for respect and freedom of expression. As an activist, she worked tirelessly to bring attention to grassroots causes and rally support for them.

Maya Angelou wrote seven autobiographies, four volumes of poetry, and three books of essays. Her writings became part of the cultural cannon, celebrated for their language, insight, and beauty. Through her works, Angelou provided insight into her own life experience, as well as a vivid record of the African American struggle for civil rights and justice. As an essayist, she wrote of her observations on modern racism, sexism, gentrification, and other subjects. Maya also wrote two cookbooks, a children’s book, and was the artist behind the 2002 album “Miss Calypso.”

In addition to her writing, Maya Angelou was a renowned performer. She began her career in musical theater and later found success in film, television, and stage. She was a touring lecturer, who traveled to colleges and universities throughout the US and abroad. In her lectures, Maya weaved together poetry, storytelling, and political perspectives to engage her audiences. She was a frequent speaker at political rallies, marches, and other events that highlighted key social justice causes.

Throughout her career, Maya Angelou wrote and performed, but she was also a passionate activist and social critic. She used her art to discuss critical issues, as well as advocating for education, health care, and other causes through her writings and speeches. She was also an active feminist and an advocate for civil rights and equality. By speaking directly to these topics, Angelou provided inspiration and insight on how to move toward a more just and equitable society.

Influence on Women’s Rights

Maya Angelou is widely regarded for her immense influence on the feminist movement and her advocacy for the rights of women. In her books, speeches, and poems, she candidly discussed issues such as rape, sexism, and racism. Angelou also wrote and spoke of the beauty and strength of black women. She encouraged her readers and audiences to embrace their unique identities and advocate for themselves and others. As a result, she became a widely beloved figure who helped to bring awareness to the unequal treatment of women in many cultures and showed how to fight injustices.

Stand on Poverty

As an advocate for the poor, Maya Angelou spoke and wrote passionately about poverty, class, and economic inequality. She often highlighted the struggles of disadvantaged people and offered a clear perspective on how to build a more equitable society. Angelou also spoke of the need to protect the rights of the poor and stressed the importance of education for all Americans. By drawing attention to these issues, her voice played an important role in pushing for change and in calling out the institutional and social forces that enabled poverty.

Impact on Education

In addition to her activism around social justice, Maya Angelou was a passionate advocate for education. As a professor at Wake Forest University, she urged students to pursue their dreams and to work toward a better future for all Americans. She was deeply committed to the advancement of education, and her impact can still be seen in schools and universities across the country. From creating educational programs targeting at-risk youth to supporting scholarship funds, Angelou’s influence on education remains undeniable.


Maya Angelou’s life and work have left an indelible mark on culture, the arts, and society. Her words and actions have been celebrated around the world for their beauty, insight, and optimism. As an extraordinary figure for half a century, Angelou embodied courage, truth, and resolve. Her example is one that continues to be an inspiration to many.

Impact on Literature

Through her writings and her life, Maya Angelou left a unique and lasting impression on the world of literature. Her poetic works begged difficult questions, while exploring the complexity of human experience. She wrote of love, loss, and the strength of the human spirit, touching upon race, class, gender, and other social issues. Angelou’s influence is evident in much of contemporary literature, with many authors and artists citing her as an influence and inspiration.

Impact on Civil Rights

Maya Angelou was a leader in the civil rights movement and a tireless advocate for African American causes. In her writings and speeches, she discussed the ways in which race and gender shaped her experience and the experience of other minority groups. Through her work, she sought to uncover the biases and inequalities that existed in America and to challenge the status quo. Angelou was respected for her courage and commitment to justice, and her legacy continues to be an inspiration to many working to bring about a more just society.

Political Activism

Throughout her life, Maya Angelou was an outspoken and engaged advocate for social justice and political change. She used her public platform to discuss racism and sexism and to support a variety of causes including economic justice and peace. Angelou was a frequent attendee of rallies, marches, and other political events throughout her life. Her support for key issues and active political engagement are widely seen as a major contributing factor to the advance of civil rights and the emergence of a fairer society.

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