What Is A Maya Angelou Quarter Worth

Maya Angelou was a renowned American poet and civil rights activist. Her work has been praised globally, and she has become synonymous with many noble causes, including gender and racial equality. As a result, her legacy lives on and it is only natural that she be remembered in a way that is fitting of her character.

Maya Angelou quarters are special coins released by the US Mint. Released in April 2021, the quarter is dedicated to her legacy. The reverse of the coin features a portrait of Angelou with the inscription ‘Lift Every Voice’, along with images from four of her most famous works.

The significance of the Maya Angelou quarters is undeniable. This is true not just for members of the American public, but for all cultures around the world. It not only commemorates Angelou’s work, but also serves as a reminder to live a life of kindness and to always have hope.

What is a Maya Angelou quarter worth? It is an extremely difficult question to answer as the answer depends on a number of factors. The first factor is the condition of the coin. If the coin is in good condition, it can be worth up to $10 or more, while a coin in poor condition will be worth much less. The second factor is the rarity of the coin. As this is a commemorative coin, they are not produced in large quantities, and thus can be quite rare. The final factor is the collector’s market. As with all collectible coins, the Maya Angelou quarter is only worth what someone is willing to pay.

To break it down further, a Maya Angelou quarter in perfect condition can be worth up to $25 or more. This is for a coin that is well preserved without any signs of wear or tear. If a coin is only in good condition, it can be worth up to $10. Finally, a coin in poor or fair condition is usually only worth the face value of a quarter, which is 25 cents.

The Legacy Of Maya Angelou

The release of the Maya Angelou quarter serves to celebrate the life and legacy of this remarkable woman. Throughout her life, she was a source of inspiration to many, and her impact can still be felt today. Her books, poems and quotes continue to be shared and used in countless media formats.

Angelou was a fierce advocate for civil rights, gender equality and social justice. With her incredible talent and power of words, she was able to convey these messages to the world. She was an advocate for the voiceless and an example of what could be achieved if one persisted in the face of adversity.

In the years following her death, Angelou’s legacy still lives on. She continues to inspire, empower and bring joy to millions of people around the globe. It is for these reasons that the Maya Angelou quarter is worth more than just its face value.

The Value Of The Maya Angelou Quarter

The value of the Maya Angelou quarter is largely determined by the coin’s condition and age, as well as current trends in the collector’s market. Coins that are in mint condition, or are in a higher grade, are usually worth significantly more than those in fair or poor condition, and can be worth up to $25 or more.

Additionally, as the Maya Angelou quarters are relatively new and limited in number, they are highly sought after by coin collectors. This often drives up the price of the coin even further, as the number of collectors continues to increase over time.

Collecting Maya Angelou Quarters

Though the Maya Angelou quarters may not necessarily be the most valuable coins in circulation, they are still sought after by collectors. As stated, coins that are in perfect condition are worth the most, while coins of lesser condition are still quite valuable.

For coin collectors, these coins can be a great addition to a collection. They are an excellent way to honor Angelou’s life and legacy, and can provide an interesting conversation piece when looking at your collection.

Tips For Collectors

When collecting Maya Angelou quarters, it is important to remember to store them properly. A protective holder will ensure that they maintain their value by protecting them from dust and debris. Additionally, it is important to note that the coins should not be circulated, as this can decrease the overall value of the coin.

It is also recommended to keep track of the coins that you have collected. This can be done by writing down the date of purchase, the coin’s condition, and any other pertinent information regarding the coins. This will make for an easier time when it comes time to appraise the collection.

The Impact Of The Maya Angelou Quarter

The release of the Maya Angelou quarter has had a tremendous impact on the coin collecting community, and is a fitting tribute to such an important figure in the world. It is a symbol of hope and resilience in the face of adversity, and can serve as a reminder to strive for greater things in life.

In addition, it provides a unique opportunity for collectors to expand their collection. Given its low mintage, the coin is highly sought after by collectors. It is also an excellent way to preserve the legacy of such a powerful and important woman.

The Meaning Behind The Inscription

On the face of the coin, there is the inscription ‘Lift Every Voice’. This phrase is taken from Angelou’s famous poem ‘Still I Rise’, and serves as a declaration of her commitment to justice and equality for all. It is a powerful reminder that no matter how difficult things may be, we should never allow ourselves to become disheartened.

This phrase has resonance to anyone that has been through a struggle or felt like a voice in the wilderness. It provides a message of hope and resilience, a reminder that every person has a voice and that every person has a right to have that voice heard.

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