What Sorority Was Maya Angelou In

Maya Angelou, an influential writer and one of the most inspirational figures in the American culture, was inducted into multiple distinguished societies, including several honor societies. One of the most noteworthy organizations she was a part of was Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., or AKA for short. Founded in 1908 at Howard University, Alpha Kappa Alpha is the oldest Greek-letter organization for African American students and women in the world.

It was at Antioch College in Ohio where Angelou first joined AKA. As one of the first initiates at the Gamma Sigma Omega chapter, Angelou centered her activities around the sorority’s goal to foster leadership, academics, and sisterhood among its members. Her growing involvement and commitment to the organization certainly paid off, as it was noticed and even celebrated by the Grand Basileus of the organization at the time, Mrs. Nellesia Dyson.

Angelou was also instrumental in introducing new volunteering and philanthropic initiatives for Alpha Kappa Alpha. She served as the Founder and Executive Director for the Atlanta Boulé Chair, specializing in fundraising and philanthropic efforts to serve underprivileged members of the community in the Atlanta area. She also created a scholarship program called Lifting As We Climb. This program provided funds for students of color, which in turn enabled them to have access to higher education and academic achievements that otherwise would not have been available.

In honoring her dedication and hard work, Alpha Kappa Alpha inducted Angelou as a member of the Omega Omega Chapter. This prestigious membership honors individuals who have gone above and beyond in their act of service and devotion to the organization. It is a symbol of their outstanding commitment and leadership that Angelou held to this day.

Maya Angelou’s affiliation with Alpha Kappa Alpha had a tremendous impact on her life and career. Not only did she thrive within the organization and contribute numerous philanthropic efforts, but it also provided her with lifelong friendships and fond memories. To this day, Angelou’s devotion and impact upon the sorority and society is still recognized and celebrated.

The Legacy of Maya Angelou

The legacy of Maya Angelou is one that has been recognized, honored and celebrated within Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Angelou’s legacy lives on within the sorority, and she is remembered for her tireless efforts to champion inclusivity and to foster a sense of sisterhood and community. Angelou was lauded for her contributions to the organization, which enabled it to make a different in providing education to underprivileged students, and professional development for its members.

Since Angelou has been inducted into the organization, her contributions to Alpha Kappa Alpha and the larger society are still being honored. From her works of literature, to her involvement in philanthropy, and her passionate commitment to making sure the organization’s mission prospered. Angelou is remembered not only for her immense love towards AKA, but also for her service to the larger cause of uplifting and empowering African American women.

In addition to her work with the sorority, Angelou left a legacy of activism and artistry. Her creative works served to uplift and inspire both members of Alpha Kappa Alpha and people from all walks of life. From her role in the civil rights movement, to her books of poetry and her captivating prose works, Angelou uplifted individuals by offering them a message of hope and self-belief.

Angelou left an indelible mark not only on Alpha Kappa Alpha, but on the world at large. To this day, her work, her wisdom, and her passion continue to inspire and transform many individuals, who strive to emulate her example and live a life of service and self-growth.

Angelou’s Impact on Society

Maya Angelou left a lasting impression in the American society. From her works of literature, to her efforts in advancing the civil rights movement, Angelou was a formidable leader and role model for many. Her powerful works within Alpha Kappa Alpha, and her contributions to the larger society, demonstrated that she prioritized the empowerment of African American and other women of color. Angelou herself achieved immense success, both in her personal life and in her career, and she was an outspoken advocate for the African American community.

In addition to her work within AKA, Angelou also used her creative works to advocate for civil rights. Her writings and activism demonstrated her commitment to social justice and her engagement in civil rights debates. Angelou’s writing often centered on themes of freedom and equality, and her works served to highlight the struggles of African Americans and their fight for recognition and respect. In a society where inequality and racism was rampant, Angelou’s works served as a source of inspiration and hope to oppressed individuals.

Angelou’s commitment to the larger cause of civil rights and racial privilege were also reflected in her work. Her plays, poems, essays, and songs were all filled with the themes of freedom, unity, and justice. Furthermore, her work often highlighted the struggles of African Americans, and was one of the ways Angelou contributed to the fight for equal rights.

Therefore, Maya Angelou’s influence in both Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. and American society as a whole is indisputable. Her efforts in promoting philanthropy, civil rights, and empowerment among women of color, were instrumental in moving the nation forward and her legacy stands as a testament to her immense sacrifice.

Maya Angelou’s Involvement in Alpha Kappa Alpha

Alpha Kappa Alpha, or AKA for short, is the oldest Greek-letter organization for African American students and women in the world. It was founded at Howard University in 1908 and receiving membership involved a long and rigorous process. Maya Angelou was one of the most noteworthy members, as she was able to achieve a Grand Basileus award from the organization’s current president. In addition, she was involved in numerous projects within the sorority, such as fundraising and philanthropic efforts targeting underprivileged communities in Atlanta, as well as the Lifting As We Climb scholarship program.

Angelou was a passionate and devoted member of the sorority and often expressed her admiration for the organization’s commitment to sisterhood and philanthropy. She believed strongly in its mission and vision, and was one of the people instrumental in advancing Alpha Kappa Alpha’s mission. Angelou was a role model for many of the members, and her involvement in the organization continues to inspire and empower them today.

Angelou’s dedication and hard work was also recognized by the organization and she was inducted as a member of the Omega Omega Chapter. She was honored not only for her dedication to the organization and its mission, but also for her works of literature, her numerous philanthropic efforts, and her passion for social justice and activism.

Since then, Angelou has become a household name in the organization and her contribution, as well as her impact to the larger society, still remain unparalleled. Angelou has been remembered for her service and leadership, as well as for her creative works, which continue to bring hope and strength to many individuals.


Maya Angelou was a renowned writer, activist and an influential member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. She put tremendous efforts and commitments in the organization and through her philanthropic initiatives, she worked tirelessly in order to uplift and empower women of color and those in underprivileged communities. In addition, her works of literature and her efforts in the civil rights movement, continue to inspire and motivate individuals. To this day, Angelou’s impact and legacy to AKA and the larger society still remain unsurpassed.

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