When Did Maya Angelou Son Die

Maya Angelou’s only son, Guy Johnson, died in a car accident on May 11th, 2020 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He was 65 years old and renowned for his numerous accomplishments as a poet, novelist, educator, historian, playwright, civil rights activist, and public speaker. Known for his advocacy of social justice and peace, Guy was an example of compassion and generosity in a time of unrest. His work and mentorship impacted many people around the world.

Shortly before Guy’s death, he and Maya worked together to release a children’s book, “Mrs. Flowers: A Moment of Friendship”, which was based on Maya’s own childhood. Mrs. Flowers was a woman who had a great influence on her childhood and by retelling the story in the book, Guy was able to share his mother’s legacy.

Guy was the son of writer and poet Maya Angelou and her ex-husband, Greek-American, Achy Nepales. His father was an auto mechanic, a destroyer of books and poet himself. The couple never divorced but separated in 1951, leaving Guy to be raised primarily by his maternal grandmother and later his mother.

Throughout his life, Guy pursued his own dreams but also dedicated his life to helping his mother pursue her own; speaking alongside her at conferences, writing poems, and helping promote her legacy. Maya Angelou’s life was greatly impacted by Guy’s death. As a mother, she had received many requests to write a memoir on her son but never did until recently. It was Guy’s death that prompted her to write “Remember Me to Dreams”, a tribute to the bond between the two.

Guy Johnson left a legacy of activism, poetry and literature, and had a major impact on his mother. He will be remembered for his work, his writing, and especially for his dedication to supporting others.

In Memory of Guy Johnson

In memory of Guy Johnson, Maya Angelou created her memorial book, “Remember Me to Dreams”, which is a collection of their mother-son conversations. She wrote this book in dedication to the special bond she had with her son and her experiences of talking to him about his dreams, his love of books and writing. Guy was a channel of an unfaltering love and a source of inspiration in Maya’s life. His mere presence made her better.

In addition to his mother’s tribute, Guy’s work continues to live on through literary works, universities, and organizations that strive to create a just and compassionate society. At his memorial service, family and friends shared stories of Guy’s compassion and commitment to justice.

With “Remember Me to Dreams”, Maya provided a genuine glimpse into her heart-felt emotions that she endured after his passing. It was her way of channeling her grief and channeling her love for her son. Through the book, Maya hopes that others will gain an understanding of their relationship and be inspired to remember those they’ve lost.

The book received positive reviews and was widely praised. It gained international acclaim, earning Guy’s mother the National Book Award. As an educational resource, it is used in schools and universities to honor the memory of her son and to help spread his influence throughout the world.

Impact of Guy Johnson’s Death

When Guy Johnson died, the entire nation mourned Maya Angelou’s loss. The impact of his death extended far beyond his home. People from various countries wrote to Maya expressing their condolences and admiration for the work her son had accomplished. The amount of support she received was extraordinary.

His death shook the community, who had come to rely on Guy for his leadership in the fight for justice and civil rights. His absence left a void that hasn’t been filled. For many who knew him and experienced his work, his passing left them searching for ways to continue his legacy.

In response to this, several memorials, awards, teaching grants, and scholarships have been established in Guy’s honor. One of the most notable is the Guy Johnson Memorial Scholarship at the University of North Carolina. It is given to two African-American students who live in the Winston-Salem community and demonstrate a commitment to art, education and outreach.

In addition, the community has established a memorial fund in his name, to help fund programs that promote education and other forms of social justice. This fund has already funded several projects, such as creating a public garden honoring his memory, providing resources to support local schools, and supporting the work of youth and elderly programs.

Memorial Services

In the wake of Guy Johnson’s death, memorial services were held for him around the world. His legacy was honored in various ways by the people and organizations he touched. Friends, family, and strangers attended the service, where Guy’s works and accomplishments were discussed.

The service was also attended by several prominent figures from the literary community. These included Maya Angelou, Krista Tippet, and Oprah Winfrey, who all spoke in honor of Guy at the service. His works were also cited throughout the service.

The services offered a chance to celebrate Guy’s life and legacy, and a place for people to heal, grieve and remember him. At the service, his mother Maya spoke of the love she had for him and how he was able to make an impact on her life and the lives of so many others.

Tributes and Legacy

Since Guy’s death, tributes to him and his work have appeared all around the world, from monuments to television ad campaigns. His work has been praised by Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, and countless other public figures.

Guy Johnson’s death has also been recognized in universities and taught in schools. Classes have been instituted to study his works and the impact his life had on the civil rights movement. His writings have been included in numerous university syllabi and are being kept alive through ongoing scholarship in his honor.

In addition, several organizations have been established to continue on his legacy, such as the Guy Johnson Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to honoring his life’s work and preserving his memory through projects, scholarships, and other initiatives.

Another way Guy’s legacy is being perpetuated is through the Guy Johnson Scholarship, which provides educational grants and assistance to students in the Winston-Salem community.

Guy’s memory has not been forgotten by the public. Today, Maya Angelou’s book, “Remember Me to Dreams”, is a testament to the impact her son has had on her life and on the world. He will be remembered for his unyielding dedication to social justice and his unwavering spirit.


Guy Johnson’s death has left a deep impact on the entire community. His mother, Maya Angelou, experienced the greatest loss with his passing and honored him in an exquisite way, through her book, “Remember Me to Dreams”. Memorial services were held all around the world, and his works and accomplishments still remain talked about today. Through the many initiatives that were established in his honor, Guy Johnson’s works are still impacting the world in a powerful way. He will surely be remembered for his dedication to social justice, activism, and his pursuit of truth.

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