When I Think About Myself Maya Angelou Lyrics

When I think of myself, Maya Angelou’s lyrics come to mind due to their poignancy and flow. She’d often discuss her own self-worth and her ability to rise up against all odds to achieve her dreams. Her confidence and courage over the course of her life touched countless people around the world. Her words linger in many of our minds, particularly when it comes to how we think of and relate to ourselves.

Angelou exuded self-love and the power of integrity. Whether she was talking about black womanhood, coming from humble beginnings, how love works, or speaking against injustice, her use of rhythm and Latin roots created an infectious energy that set her apart. Her words also reminded many of us about our worth and importance – themes that inspired people of all ages and cultures.

The lyrics that speak to me the most come from her quote, “I come as one, but stand as 10,000.” When I think of myself, I am reminded that I have a purpose and that I need to stand powerful in the face of adversity. Her words help to keep me grounded and are instruction on how to live my life – with strength, honor, and integrity.

Angelou also believed in the transformative power of resilience. Though she’d been through difficult and dark times, her spirit was never broken. Throughout her work, she reminded readers that we should never give up and showed people the power of overcoming challenging situations. Her words provided solace, hope, and strength to many of us.

The power of Maya Angelou’s words is undeniable. There are moments when I need her bold and inspiring thoughts to carry me through tough times. Through her lyrics and quotes, she gave me the courage to stand up for myself and reminded me that I can create a world that works for me. She demonstrated that there’s nothing wrong with loving yourself and embracing your inner power.

The Power Of Individuality

Maya Angelou’s lyrics also stand out in terms of their focus on the power of individuality. For Angelou, it wasn’t enough to just embrace yourself; she also wanted her audience to be strong enough to not be swayed by public opinion or societal norms. Her words taught many of us that it’s okay to be different and that ultimately, it’s important to embrace your individual dreams and passions.

Angelou never shied away from celebrating the unique aspects of each person. She encouraged people to find their own paths and fight for their dreams. She refused to let anyone define who she was or what she should be. Her lyrics evidenced her conviction that everyone should be empowered to live their lives according to their own beliefs and standards.

In Maya Angelou’s lyrics, I find hope, courage and strength to pursue my passions and reach my goals. She taught me that I don’t have to limit myself because of what society thinks I should or shouldn’t do. Her words have inspired me to be the best version of myself that I could be.

Love & Courage

When I think of myself, another important theme in Maya Angelou’s lyrics comes to mind: love and courage. In her work, Angelou celebrated the power of love and the courage it takes to embrace it. Her words emerged from a place of deep understanding about how people can be hurt and how we can heal.

In her poems, Angelou highlighted the importance of self-love, especially when it came to loving yourself in the midst of betrayal or pain. She championed the notion that everyone needs love and nurture to grow and develop in life. Her lyrics encouraged us to have the courage to be vulnerable and to give ourselves permission to love and be loved.

Angelou also spoke to our ability to move on despite hardships. She showed us that life is a process of growth and transformation, filled with both difficulties and joys. Her words served to remind us that in order to find love and happiness, we must first open ourselves up to courage and be willing to take risks.

Maya Angelou’s lyrics served as gentle reminders that the world needs more love and forgiveness. When I think about myself, her words encourage me to be brave and open to the possibility of loving and being loved, even when it’s difficult.

Speaking Against Injustice

Another central theme in Maya Angelou’s lyrics is her unapologetic stance against racial and social injustice. While many of her poems were about love and vulnerability, Angelou was never one to shy away from speaking honestly about inequality and the need for social progress.

Angelou used her words to draw attention to the mistreatment of Blacks and the systemic discrimination they faced on a daily basis. She never shied away from controversial topics, often drawing attention to issues many would rather remain silent on. Her poems served to challenge the status quo and to push viewers to confront the injustices in the world.

Angelou’s lyrics give me hope and invigorate me to fight for what I believe in. Her words show me that it’s never too late to speak up and to take action. She reminds me that my voice matters and that I have the power to create positive change in the world.

Living Life To The Fullest

Finally, Maya Angelou’s words taught us how to live life to the fullest. Angelou’s meteoric rise from humble beginnings demonstrated an unwavering trust in her abilities and self-determination. She showed us that despite whatever life throws our way, it’s possible to rise above and achieve success.

In her work, she encouraged readers to trust their own instincts and to be open to taking risks. She also showed us the power of learning from our mistakes, believing in ourselves, and embracing our journey. As such, she taught us that even when things don’t seem to go our way, it’s never too late to create the life of our dreams.

When I think of myself, I am reminded of Maya Angelou’s words. They help to give me strength, courage and an understanding that no matter what I face in life, I have the ability to overcome and to create a better future.

Harnessing Inner Strength

Maya Angelou’s lyrics also focused on the power of embracing and harnessing our inner strength. Throughout her work, she championed the idea that everyone has inner reserves of courage and resilience that can help us to achieve our goals.

Angelou often spoke about the importance of courage and how it’s never too late to start over. She encouraged us to stop worrying about what others think and instead, to take risks and to live our lives without fear. Her words showed us that there’s power in transformation and that the best way to create a better future is to find the courage to try.

Angelou’s work helped to remind me that no matter what I face in life, I have the power to tap into my own strength and courage. Her words give me the strength to persevere and to believe in myself. Her lyrics have served as constant reminders that have kept me inspired and full of hope.

Staying Humble & Kind

Another major theme in Maya Angelou’s lyrics was the power of staying humble and kind. Though she had seen and experienced much success throughout her life, Angelou always kept her feet on the ground and reminded her readers to do the same.

In her works, she often reminded people that fame and money will not last forever and that it’s important to stay humble. Through her words, she encouraged readers to focus on making a difference in the world and to use their success to help others. She believed that though we can achieve much in life, staying humble and kind is the true key to success.

Angelou’s words remind me that no matter what I achieve in life, it’s important to stay grounded and to use my blessings and talents to make a difference. Her lyrics give me the courage to stay humble and to keep my focus on helping others.

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