Where Can I Read Poetry

For those who love to find solace in the beautiful words of great poets, the internet has proved to be a great blessing. Reading poems has never been so easy, with a vast array of different websites and collections offer an invaluable resource for readers of all ages.
Poetry can be found just about everywhere on the internet – whether it is free websites, blogs and articles, or subscription platforms that allow you to access exclusive material. With so many different options out there, it can be difficult to know where to start, so here is a guide to help you find the perfect place to get your poetry fix.

The Poetry Foundation

The Poetry Foundation offers thousands of poems from 900 different authors, ranging from historical poets to contemporary writers. It is one of the most popular websites for those looking for engaging and contemporary poems. It allows readers to find poems based on titles and poets, as well as a selection of poems categorised by poets and themes.

Poetry Books Online

For those looking for a more traditional approach to poetry, Poetry Books Online is a great place to start. It encompasses an extensive selection of work by early twentieth century poets, and other iconic poets, like William Wordsworth, John Keats, Lord Byron, and Percy Bysshe Shelley. The website also provides short biographies of each poet, which is wonderful for exploring the context and journey of the writer.

Google Books

For those looking to discover extensive collections of poems, Google Books is a useful tool. It is a digital library, which hosts hundreds of different collections of poetry books, ranging from classic and antique books to more modern collections. What is wonderful about this website is that many of these collections are free to access and read.

Poetry Archive

The Poetry Archive is a great resource for discovering poets from throughout the centuries. It provides recordings of famous poets from across the world reading out their famed works, an invaluable tool for those looking to immerse themselves further in the beauty of these poetic works. It also acts as an amazing platform for young readers, as younger readers can hear a poem read out by a professional and follow along as they read.

Blogs and Articles

For those looking to explore different aspects of poems and to acquire a deeper understanding of poetic devices, blogs and articles are a great place to start. There are plenty of different websites and articles dedicated to exploring the craft of poetry, offering expert analysis of different poetic works. These sites explore the complexity of poems and the unique elements that make poetry so nuanced.


YouTube is a brilliant resource for discovering both emerging and established poets. It hosts various content from spoken word events, interviews with poets, and live performances of poetic works. It is a great place to explore a range of diverse and refreshing works from plenty of contemporary poets from around the world.

Subscription Websites

Finally, there are subscription websites dedicated to poets and those looking to explore new works. These sites offer exclusive access to new writings by established and emerging poets and provide interesting articles that explore the history of poetry and poetic works. It is a great way for readers to discover unique works that they may not find elsewhere.

Live Poetry Readings

Live poetry readings are a wonderful way to experience the power of a poetic work first-hand. It is a great way to spend a night out, hearing the unique interpretations of a poet’s work. Many cities and towns host public events, and plenty of libraries also hold their own readings.

Social Media Platforms

Social media has become an amazing platform for discovering some of the most amazing and creative poets, who share their work on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. From spoken word videos on YouTube to audio-visual works on Instagram, social media gives rising poets an invaluable platform to share their works. Plus, it is a great way to discover poets who may not be featured in traditional settings.

Professional Magazines

Finally, professional magazines are a great way to discover some of the best work from established poets. Journals like the New Yorker, Poetry and The Paris Review are home to some of the most moving poets and pieces of literature.

Local Poets and Poetry Groups

For those looking to get more involved in the world of poetry, local groups and communities can offer a great way to become involved in a passionate and understanding group of individuals. Many cities and towns host local poetry groups with workshops, readings, and events that can provide great insight into the intricacies of poetry.

Independent Poetry Publishers

Independent poetry publishers create an amazing platform for talented poets to showcase their work. With an independent publisher, poets can receive advice and mentoring on their work, as well as providing a platform to have their work be read and heard by a wider audience.

Bookstores and Libraries

Finally, no guide to poetry would be complete without mentioning the traditional option – a visit to the local library or bookstore. Despite the incredible range of poetry available online, nothing beats the experience of visiting a library, perusing the poetry section, and picking up a book of your favourite poet’s work.

Create a Poetry Blog

For those looking to explore their own poetic side, having a dedicated blog can be a great way to experiment with creating their own poetry and to create a platform for sharing their works with the world. There are plenty of sites, such as WordPress and Wix, which makes creating a blog extremely simple, and anyone can create their own poem blog in a few easy steps.

Online Poetry Communities

Online poetry communities are a great way to both discover and engage with poetry. Sites like Reddit and Tumblr host poetry-focused communities where readers and writers can engage with each other in meaningful discussions and debates, and readers can find plenty of new and exciting works.

Write your own Poetry

Finally, writing your own poetry is a wonderful way to that you can explore the world of poetry in a personal way. Whether it is free-verse, sonnets, haikus or limericks, exploring the craft of writing can be incredibly fulfilling and an incredibly expressive combination of words and ideas.

Dannah Hannah is an established poet and author who loves to write about the beauty and power of poetry. She has published several collections of her own works, as well as articles and reviews on poets she admires. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, with a specialization in poetics, from the University of Toronto. Hannah was also a panelist for the 2017 Futurepoem book Poetry + Social Justice, which aimed to bring attention to activism through poetry. She lives in Toronto, Canada, where she continues to write and explore the depths of poetry and its influence on our lives.

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