Where To Write Poetry Online


Writing poetry is a great way to express emotion, tell stories, and share experiences. It can also be a great source of reflection and introspection, allowing writers to explore their own thoughts and feelings by expressing them in a poetic way. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a physical, in-person space for writing and sharing poetry. Thankfully, there are a number of online platforms for writers to share their work and find a community to engage with. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best places to write and share poetry online.

Famous Poetry Websites

One of the most popular places to write and share poetry online is Poetry.com. This website offers users a variety of features, including forums, interactive discussions, and even contests. Poetry.com also allows writers to submit their work for publication consideration. Additionally, the website offers a platform for writers to share their work and connect with other likeminded poets.
The Poetry Foundation is another popular website for poets. This website allows users to search for poems by title, and it also provides users with a comprehensive library of poetic works. The Poetry Foundation also publishes a magazine called Poetry, which includes both classic and contemporary poetry from across the world.

Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are a great place to write and share poetry. Many platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, allow poets to post their work and engage with others in an interactive forum. On Instagram especially, it is easy to find other poets and to create an account dedicated to poetry. Additionally, using hashtags makes it easier for other poets to find your work, and you can also start initiatives on social media to help promote the work of other poets.

Writing Groups & Communities

An effective way to write and share poetry online is by joining writing groups or communities. These are great resources for poets, as they provide an opportunity for skilled critique, feedback, and support from other writers. Some writing groups even have online meetings and events, which can be very helpful for networking and connecting with other poets.

Blog Platforms

Blog platforms, such as WordPress and Blogger, are also great places to write and share poetry online. Blog platforms are a great way to establish a poetry portfolio and gain exposure for your work. Additionally, blogs are a great way to interact with readers and create a community around your writing.

Self-Promotion Tips for Poets

Promoting your poetry online is a great way to gain exposure and find an audience for your work. It’s important to create interesting content that appeals to readers and encourages them to share your work. Additionally, it’s important to use social media platforms to connect with other poets and engage in dialogue with them. Finally, blogging can also be a great way to network and spread the word about your poems.

Finding Inspiration for Poetry

Finding inspiration for poetry can be difficult, especially for new writers. One of the best ways to find inspiration is to read other poets’ works. Reading the work of established writers can help shed light on different writing styles and techniques, giving writers new ideas and perspectives to explore in their own writing. Additionally, writers can also look to their own experiences and thoughts for inspiration. Taking the time to reflect and analyze your own thoughts can help unlock new ideas that can be explored in your own poetry.

Submitting Poetry for Publication

Once you have written a poem that you are proud of, you may want to submit it for publication. There are a variety of literary magazines and journals that accept poetry submissions, but it is important to familiarize yourself with the style and guidelines of each publication before you submit. Additionally, many publications offer an online submission form, so it is important to carefully read through the instructions and ensure that your work meets all the requirements before submitting.

Tips for Appreciating Poetry

Reading and appreciating poetry can be daunting for those who have yet to explore the genre. It is important to go in with an open mind and not be discouraged by the language or complex structure of some works. Additionally, it is important to read beyond the surface level of the poem and to look for the underlying themes and emotions. Taking the time to read the poem several times can help unlock a deeper understanding of the work.


Writing and sharing poetry online can be a great way to express yourself and to build community with other writers. With the right platforms and tips, writers can find a great outlet for their creative expression and get feedback and support from likeminded poets. Poetry can also be a great source of inspiration, opening up a range of experiences and emotions to explore.

Dannah Hannah is an established poet and author who loves to write about the beauty and power of poetry. She has published several collections of her own works, as well as articles and reviews on poets she admires. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, with a specialization in poetics, from the University of Toronto. Hannah was also a panelist for the 2017 Futurepoem book Poetry + Social Justice, which aimed to bring attention to activism through poetry. She lives in Toronto, Canada, where she continues to write and explore the depths of poetry and its influence on our lives.

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