Who Is The Publisher Of Poetry Foundation

History of Poetry Foundation

Poetry Foundation is one of the most influential organizations in the world of poetry, dedicated to cultivating the art of poetry in all its forms. Founded in 1912 by California entrepreneur Eugen Summer, Poetry Foundation began as a publishing house and has since grown to become a major influence in the poetry world. For nearly 110 years, the organization has worked to increase the reach and impact of American poetry. Through its mission of promoting the appreciation, understanding, and enjoyment of poetry, Poetry Foundation offers a wide range of resources for readers, writers, and educators, from its award-winning magazine, Poetry, to its educational initiatives, such as the Poetry in Schools program.

Who Owns Poetry Foundation?

Poetry Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Chicago, Illinois. The organization is owned by a board of trustees, which is chaired by renowned poet and National Book Award winner Terrence Hayes. Other notable members of the board include poets Arthur Sze, Carl Phillips, and Natasha Trethewey, as well as poets and scholars Ron Silliman and Patricia Smith. The board meets regularly to discuss the organization’s activities and programming.

Funding for Poetry Foundation

Poetry Foundation is sustained by four main sources of income: donations, sponsorships, merchandising, and grant-making. Donations come mostly from individuals and organizations, many of whom are committed to promoting the power of poetry and the arts. Poetry Foundation also accepts corporate sponsorships, which are used to finance its online presence, as well as its many educational programs. Merchandising and grant-making projects have become increasingly essential parts of the organization’s funding stream. The Poetry Foundation’s grants program has made over $34 million in grants to promote the writing and appreciation of poetry.

Goals of Poetry Foundation

Poetry Foundation seeks to expand the reach of American poetry by cultivating its use in popular media and increasing its public accessibility. Toward this goal, the organization works with a wide range of partners to provide poetry-related content to readers, including labor unions, museums, faith-based organizations, and youth programming organizations. By bolstering its online presence, the Poetry Foundation is able to share its high-quality, free poetry content with an even wider audience.

Significance of Poetry Foundation

Poetry Foundation is one of the most important organizations for preserving and promoting the art of poetry in the United States. Through its work with educational organizations, the foundation has enabled thousands of students to explore the written and spoken word and discover the power of poetry. The organization’s partnerships with museums and faith-based organizations have given the public unprecedented access to a wide range of resources on poetry, including books, magazines, and online content. Finally, the organization’s grants program has enabled over 300 poets and organizations to explore and promote the study and writing of poetry.

Awards and Programs Offered by Poetry Foundation

Poetry Foundation is well-known for its awards program, which celebrates the accomplishments of contemporary poets. The foundation’s prizes recognize the highest quality of writing in a variety of poetry genres, with past winners ranging from Pulitzer Prize winners like Adrienne Rich to National Book Award winners such as Terrence Hayes. In addition to its awards program, the foundation also promotes poetry through its Poetry in Schools initiative, which provides resources to teachers, encourages student interest in writing and reading poetry, and helps students develop their creative and analytical skills.


Poetry Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the appreciation, understanding and enjoyment of poetry. Owned by a board of trustees, the foundation is sustained by donations, sponsorships, merchandising, and grant-making. The organization seeks to expand the reach of American poetry by increasing its public accessibility. Toward this goal, the organization offers a wide range of resources, including its award-winning magazine, Poetry, and its Poetry in Schools initiative. From its awards program to its educational efforts, Poetry Foundation has become an indispensable influence in the world of poetry and a major force in preserving and promoting the art of poetry in the United States.

Impact of Poetry Foundation Programs and Awards

Poetry Foundation programs and awards have had a major impact on the American poetry scene, inspiring millions of readers and writers around the world. The organization’s awards program has brought attention and recognition to some of the most talented poets in the country, raising the standards for excellence in poetry and inspiring readers to discover the power of the written word. The organization’s educational programs have enabled thousands of students to explore the art of poetry and improve their creative and critical thinking skills. Finally, the organization’s online resources provide a vast array of content for those interested in learning more about poetry and its many forms.

Barriers Facing Poetry Foundation’s Reach

While Poetry Foundation has done much to increase readership and appreciation of poetry, there remain significant barriers to the widespread enjoyment of the art. For example, many readers struggle with understanding the language of poetry, which can be intimidating and difficult to penetrate. Additionally, many people struggle to find the time to read and study poetry, as they are often working, attending classes, or pursuing other activities. Finally, the available access to quality poetry resources can be limited, especially in small or rural communities.

Innovative Approaches to Overcome Barriers to Enjoyment of Poetry

In order to overcome the current barriers to enjoying poetry, Poetry Foundation has forged a number of innovative partnerships and initiatives. These initiatives include collaborations with a number of educational organizations and libraries, which help to make poetry more accessible to a wide range of readers. Additionally, the organization has developed a number of mobile apps and websites, which feature a range of content on poetry, including tools for writing and analyzing poetry, and materials for nurturing interest in poetry in students. The organization also provides funding for a number of organizations and non-profits that have focused on broadening poetry’s reach, from organizing poetry slams and workshops to offering learning opportunities for aspiring poets.

Promotion of Poetry Foundation

Given the scope of Poetry Foundation’s goals and initiatives, robust promotion is essential. To make its content more accessible, Poetry Foundation frequently organizes events and readings featuring renowned poets. Additionally, the organization produces a range of multimedia pieces, including audio and video recordings of its readings and events, which are shared widely on its website and across social media platforms. Through these efforts, the organization seeks to cultivate a broad and enthusiastic audience for poetry by broadening its reach to new audiences and encouraging meaningful engagement with the art form.

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