Why Is Rupi Kaur Famous

Rupi Kaur is one of the most renowned writers of today, and her fame is undoubtedly well-deserved. As a first-generation immigrant born in India, Kaur has spoken up about struggles she has faced as a brown woman trying to make her way in the West. She is an international phenomenon, with her written works being translated into more than 45 languages and her reach extended to over 100 countries worldwide. Kaur has built a strong bond with her readers and followers, and has become a beacon of light for those oppressed by society. Kaur’s works are deeply moving and wholly inspiring, exploring topics such as loss, love, identity and the experience of being a woman of color. Her poems, stories and illustrations have resonated with readers worldwide, enabling them to connect with themselves and others through her works. By connecting her work to her experiences and current events, Kaur creates a deep and understanding connection with her readers. This has enabled her to build a large fan base and has contributed greatly to her success. Moreover, Kaur gives back to society in many ways and regularly campaigns for more gender parity and for women’s rights.

Poetry of Rupi Kaur

Kaur’s success in the literary world is largely due to her poetic works. In 2015, Kaur released the critically-acclaimed collection “Milk and Honey” which was the New York Times bestselling book for more than a year! Her works often explore topics such as trauma, overcoming obstacles and standing up for one-self, which is no doubt why many readers have found solace and comfort in her words. Kaur’s works have been praised time and time again for their sparse yet piercing honesty. Kaur’s work, which ranges from poetry, to photography, to spoken word, has enabled readers to embrace their feelings and find ways of connecting with even the darkest of emotions. Kaur’s writing is frank, yet forgiving and allows us to feel at home with ourselves and others, and often finding joy in even the seemingly darkest of times.

Social Media Platforms

Social media has also enabled Kaur to connect with and spread her works to even wider audiences. Kaur’s following on her various platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and YouTube have been growing vastly every day, and she often posts lyrics from her poems, thought-provoking videos and inspirational messages. She often shares snippets from her life and encourages her followers to stand up and fight for the causes they believe in. Kaur’s presence on all these mediums allows her to be herself and create content which means something to her and her readers and followers. Kaur has also earned a tear-jerking recognition with her most recent campaigns against colourism, racism, sexism and anyone who has been victimised or silenced due to their gender, colour or religion.

Appearances in the Media

In addition to her online presence and literary works, Kaur has achieved success by appearing on various TV shows, podcasts, magazines and even at festivals. She has even performed at the Women’s Global Leadership Summit hosted at the United Nations in 2018. Kaur has made a number of inspiring and heartwarming appearances on popular media, including an amazing performance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. In a world where the underprivileged are often overlooked and unheard, Kaur serves as a role model for many. She speaks her truth and fight for what she believes in, and encourages everyone around her to do the same.

Campaigns and Charities

Kaur has a great deal of passion for the causes she believes in, and for giving back to those in need. She regularly campaigns against injustice and poverty and works with charities such as the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, which translates her books in different languages. Kaur has donated part of the proceeds of her poetry books to charity and often urges her readers and followers to do the same. Kaur also hosts events such as the “Rupi Kaur Summer Grants” where she funds up to twelve writers financially to help them realise their dreams.

Rupi Kaur’s Literary Works

Rupi Kaur’s works extend far past popular mediums such as Instagram and Twitter; she has also written a number of poems, narratives and collections, which include her second collection, “The Sun and Her Flowers”, and her latest work, “Home Body”. Kaur also publishes sketches, stories and illustrations in an effort to help her readers connect with themselves. Kaur’s words put into motion a feeling of solace and encourage readers to find knowledge, clarity and healing in her works. Kaur’s works are widely celebrated and have been translated into different languages, making her reach even larger than ever before.

Rupi Kaur’s Musical Works

Kaur has also achieved success with her musical works, which she has released through her YouTube channel. Her latest work “One” is a heart-wrenching collaboration with renowned music artist, Imogen Heap, which promotes self-acceptance and love. This emotional track, along with other collaborations and singles, has been streamed over millions of times and has earned Kaur immense love and appreciation for her works.

Rupi Kaur’s Impact in the Literary World

Rupi Kaur’s work has had a great impact in the literary world, earning her a number of awards and recognition from critics and readers alike. She has been awarded the prestigious Canadian Magazine Awards and the Goodreads Reader Awards, amongst others. She has been credited with bringing forth a new era in the literary world, where people are finally getting the attention they deserve and are standing up for what they believe in. Kaur has paved the way for many writers and inspired readers around the globe, and will surely continue to do so in the future.

Rupi Kaur’s Contributions to Society

Rupi Kaur’s accomplishments cannot be overstated; She is immensely successful and has achieved a great deal of recognition through her written works, musical compositions, and appearances in the media. However, what is perhaps more impressive is her dedication to causes she believes in and her philanthropy. Kaur often works with charitable organisations and uses her large platform to raise awareness about important issues. Kaur hopes to bring to light the struggles faced by many, in an effort to bring about some positive change in the world.


Rupi Kaur is a remarkable writer whose success has been built on her powerful voice and inspiring works. Kaur has touched the hearts of millions of people through her written works and her strong presence on social media. She has stood up for what she believes in and has greatly contributed to society by consistently speaking out against injustice and by working with several charities and organisations. Kaur has taken the literary world in a whole new direction, and her work is certainly proving to be an inspiration to many.

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