How To Pronounce Pablo Neruda

How to Pronounce Pablo Neruda

Pronouncing the name of the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda can be a bit tricky, especially if English isn’t your first language. We’ve put this article together to help you learn and practice pronouncing the name accurately, so you can confidently say it to your friends and colleagues. First, let’s look at the origin of Pablo Neruda’s name, and then we’ll break down some pronouncing tips.

Pablo Neruda was born with the name Ricardo Eliécer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto. He took on the pseudonym of Pablo Neruda after his first book was published, honoring Federico García Lorca’s advice to use a pseudonym. He chose the name “Neruda” after its meaning in Czech, which is ‘everything that comes from the soul’. Therefore, the most accurate way to pronounce it is NEH-roo-dah.

Breaking Down the Name

The name ‘Pablo Neruda’ is broken down into two words. The first part of the name is ‘Pablo’, which is pronounced pah-b-loh. This syllable is four sounds long and has a slightly longer “ah” sound than the English word “all”. The second part of the name is ‘Neruda’. This syllable is pronounced NEH-roo-dah and is broken up into four distinct sounds. The “eh” sound is very similar to the vowel sound in the English word “bed”.

Practice Tips and Tricks

To get the pronunciation of Pablo Neruda just right, practice repeating the syllables out loud. It may help to break down the syllables of each word and focus on maintaining the same length and emphasis on each syllable when saying the name out loud. You can also focus on stretching out some syllables to help enunciate the sounds properly. Additionally, it can help to practice saying the name in different contexts to get used to using the proper pronunciation.

Common Mistakes

One of the common mistakes people make when pronouncing Pablo Neruda’s name is replacing the “eh” sound in the second syllable with a “uh” or “ah” sound. Additionally, people tend to pronounce the last syllable with a “dah” sound instead of a “dah”. Lastly, another mistake people make is emphasizing the wrong syllable when talking, which can make the name sound choppy and unnatural. Be sure to practice pronunciation out loud to perfect the phonetic pronunciation of his name.

Tips from Experts

Experts suggest focusing on pronouncing each syllable concisely and with the same length and emphasis. Additionally, they suggest focusing on the stress of each syllable to make sure the correct sounds are pronounced accurately. Moreover, they recommend practicing saying the name multiple times in different contexts to get used to the pronunciation and flow of the words. Lastly, experts suggest not over-pronouncing or exaggerating the syllables, as this can make the flow of the name sound unnatural.

What Other’s Say

What do other’s have to say about the proper pronunciation of Pablo Neruda’s name? On review websites, people who have learned and practiced the pronunciation have commented on how easy it is to understand and pronounce. Additionally, many people have commented on the importance of using the correct emphasis on each syllable. Those who have had difficulty practicing how to say the name have commented on how helpful it is to practice pronunciation out loud multiple times and with different intonations.

Implications of Pronunciation

Having a correct pronunciation of Pablo Neruda is important when it comes to speaking the poet’s name correctly. Whether you’re speaking the name among friends, giving a speech, or attending a literature class, it’s important to know the proper pronunciation. Knowing how to say Pablo Neruda correctly is essential to pay tribute to this great artist.

The Power of Language

When we learn to pronounce a name correctly, it not only shows respect to the individual, but it also serves as a recognition of language and its powerful meaning. By having a correct pronunciation of Pablo Neruda’s name, we can show appreciation to the poet’s legacy and celebrate the universality of language. It is also a show of our willingness to learn and take the time to learn a language, which speaks volumes.

Non-Native Speakers

For non-native speakers, the pronunciation of Pablo Neruda’s name can be especially tricky. This is because the “eh” sound may not be as common in their native language, making it difficult for them to produce the proper sound accurately. However, with enough practice and patience, non-native speakers can learn to pronounce it correctly, just like any other language.


A great way to practice the pronunciation of Pablo Neruda’s name is to find resources that are specifically designed to help you. For example, there are websites and applications that are designed to teach the correct pronunciation of names. Additionally, there are multiple videos and audio clips available online that can provide guidance and help you practice pronouncing the poet’s name.


Knowing how to pronounce Pablo Neruda’s name accurately can be a difficult task, especially for those who are not native English speakers. However, with the right resources, practice, and patience, one can master the correct pronunciation of the poet’s name, showing appreciation and respect for the artist and his legacy.

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